Nancy L. Carlson - Harriet's Halloween Candy

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Sharing is always good, especially when it involves your Halloween candy.

Jan 28, 2009
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Pros:Colorful illustrations and cute story.


The Bottom Line:

“Harriet’s Halloween Candy” is the perfect story about how sharing can always make people feel good about themselves.


“Harriet’s Halloween Candy” is a cute children’s book from the mind of Nancy Carlson about sharing when Harriet gets some Halloween candy and refuses to share some with her brother, but soon learns the hard way that sharing can actually make her feel good about herself.  “Harriet’s Halloween Candy” is a cute story that will have children ldarn the importance of sharing after they read this book.


Since the book is very short, this summary may be a tad bit too short.

On Halloween, Harriet receives a lot of candy after she goes trick-or-treating and when Harriet gets home, she starts organizing her candy in a particular order such as from her most favorite candy to her least favorite candy.  But then, Harriet’s mom comes to her room and asks her to share her candy with her younger brother, Walter. Harriet at first refuses to share her candy withWalter, but then she eventually gave Walter a small piece of candy.  Before Harriet went to bed, she would hide her candy in a big box, and put the box in her closet.

In the morning, Harriet ate some more of her candy and she hid the box behind her bookcase to make sure that no one can get to her candy.  Throughout most of the day, Harriet would count and eat her candy and hide it in a different place each time, until she eventually ran out of places to hide her candy.  Harriet then decides to eat all of her candy in order to prevent anyone from eating it.  When Harriet ate almost all of her candy, she started to feel sick and that is when she spots Walter at her room door. So, Harriet decides to share the rest of her candy with Walter and then Harriet’s mother comes in her room and congratulates Harriet on sharing her candy with Walter.  Harriet looked a bit better (well, there still is a bit of greeness on her face) until her mother mentions that dinner is ready and Harriet looks like she is about to throw up.


Nancy Carlson has done a great job with both illustrating and writing this cute children’s story about sharing.  Nancy Carlson makes a good point about the importance of sharing when Harriet at first refuses to share with Walter, but then she learns that sharing is important after she gets sick from eating too much candy.  Also, I love the way that Nancy Carlson makes this book simple to read by putting about ten to twelve words per page so that smaller children can have an easier time reading this book themselves. Nancy Carlson also does a great job with the illustrations as she made each character an animal, which in this case the only animals shown in this book are dogs and she makes the images look colorful also as she makes the characters have a wide variety of colors on them that make them come to life.  I especially love the image of Harriet herself as she looks like a yellow golden retriever who walks like a human being, similar to Arthur from the “Arthur” series.

Trivia: Nancy Carlson’s inspiration for making Harriet was from her pet that is a golden retriever.


Harriet’s Halloween Candy” is a cute story about the importance of sharing with your siblings and how one must be extremely careful about eating too much candy.  I would recommend this book for children ages four and up since this book is written in a simple format that young children can easily understand.  

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