Harry Potter Ice Mice Candy Bonbon 12 Boxes

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Ice Mice: Not A Muggle-Friendly Snack

Aug 22, 2008 (Updated Aug 22, 2008)
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Pros:Minty taste, great to throw in a clear soda, shock value.

Cons:Hard to find, impossible to bite in to.

The Bottom Line: Ice Mice are one of the better looking candies from the Potter line but if you want to get them, now is the time.

With the recent news of the delayed release of the newest Harry Potter film, fans are seeking out other ways to appease their Potter addiction. Be it fan based writings, merchandise or video games, Potter Mania is still alive and well. From trading cards to collectors stones, if it has the logo on it, it will sell. The Ice Mice candy wasn't as big a hit as expected; maybe it was the small rodent frozen inside a block of simulated ice that turned people off, maybe it was the outlandish price of $1.39 per pieces or maybe, just maybe, it was a market that was saturated with Potter related goods.

Chances are Ron Weasly's rat Scabbers was the inspiration behind the creation of Ice Mice. Sure a rat and mouse are different creatures but when you see the mouse frozen inside the block of ice [candy] you do sort of have to wonder if it is really supposed to be a mouse. It has at like features to it but lets face it, "Ice Mice" sounds a little cooler than "Ice Rat". What exactly is it? A clear candy block that looks surprisingly like a real ice cube with a small bluish rodent trapped inside it. You suck on it until you hit the rat than gobble that up as well. Its 100% edible but it isn’t something that you should give younger kids as they can easily be choked on.

The taste is a little above average, I was expecting something like Arctic Mint but sadly this doesn't pack as much intensity as I hoped. The mouse does have a lot of detail to it but once you manage to suck through the outer section of candy, the rodent is pretty much already starting to break down so if you had any thoughts of saving it, don't even think about it. It will be sticky and slimy and your saliva will start breaking it down before you know you've hit the center layer. If you like Pop-O-Mint Lifesavers then you will like the flavor of these; Ice Mice start out as a mint then develop a fruity berry flavor when you get to the middle.

Ice Mice were sold individually for about $1.39 [a complete rip off] or in three packs for about $2.50. The packs of three or more were a better value and were packaged in a foil sleeve to protect their freshness and they were wrapped in a plastic inside the foil wrap. That protected the color of the mouse as well as the shape of the cube. Finding these now can be tough but if you have a candy store that specializes in weird or strange products, you might want to ask them if they can order them for you. There are a few online candy stores that are still selling the Ice Mice but most of them want you to place a minimum order of ten dollars or a quarter case.

What can you do with them besides eat them? Well, they do have some shock value if you toss one of them into someone's drink. They do float in carbonated sodas so if you have some cubes in thee already, well, this is a nice prank to play on someone. If you are going with a Potter themed birthday party you can add a few of the candy cubes to a cake for some color but you will want to tell people that they are pretty much impossible to bite in to. The consistency of one of these is comparable to a Lifesaver candy only thicker. You'll need about five or six minutes of sucking to break it down to the point where you can actually bite into it.

Because these are small [a shade under an inch square] I really cant stress it enough that these are not something that you should give younger kids. Moreover, if kids are going to eat these make sure they aren't running around or goofing off. All it takes is one wrong move and they could be swallowed and choked on.

If you are interested in other Potter themed candies, here are the ones that were released in the United States: "Jelly Slugs", "Acid Pops", "Cockroach Clusters", "Fizzing Whizbees", "Blood Pops", "Chocolate Frogs", "Ice Mice", "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans", "Harry Potter Spin Pop", "Flying Key Flicker Pop" and "Droobles Cotton Candy Bubble Gum"

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