Hartz Rawhide Bones, Natural, For Medium/large Dogs, 7 Inch, 2 Bones (Hartz) Reviews
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Hartz Rawhide Bones, Natural, For Medium/large Dogs, 7 Inch, 2 Bones (Hartz)

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Hartz Rawhide Bones, Natural, For Medium/large Dogs, 7 Inch, 2 Bones

Oct 5, 2011
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Pros:Great tasting, long lasting, keeps teeth clean and healthy, satisfies chewing needs


The Bottom Line: These are Jasmine's favorites. She loves them and they are good for her, keeping her mouth healthy and satisfying her need to chew. Recommended for all medium/large dogs

As I have mentioned in a previous review, we adopted Jasmine, our Labrador Retriever, Greyhound, and Boxer Mix, about 3 years ago. She had some serious chewing issues, mostly due to separation anxiety, when I first brought her home, so I began looking into products to satisfy her chewing needs and save my shoes and furniture.

I had originally tried Hartz Beefhide Retrievers but quickly changed my mind one day when she choked on a small piece she had bitten off. Since she loves the rawhide products so much, I decided to try the bones since it would be more difficult for her to bite small pieces off of them. Even so, I was nervous about giving her anything rawhide again, but decided that as long as she was well supervised it would be safe for her. Hartz Rawhide Bones seemed to be a good choice, so I returned home with the Hartz Rawhide Bones, Natural for Medium/Large Dogs

Later that day I opened the 2-pack of bones and gave her one of them. These are nice sized bones at 7 inches long and weighing about 1.25 pounds each. They are off-white in color and don't appear to be basted with any sort of artificial flavorings like some of the other products. According to the Hartz website, they are all handcrafted and they have a big knot on each end of the bone, making them much less likely to come apart into pieces no matter how aggressively your dog chews them. Additionally, they leave no residue and do not stain carpets or furniture like some of the other products we have tried. They are all natural, and obviously great tasting according to Jasmine.

Unlike some of the previous products we have tried, they are large enough to last her for quite a while and with no loose edges that can easily be bitten off. In fact, even with her aggressive chewing it took her nearly 2 hours before she managed to gnaw one of the large knots off from the end of the bone. She then carried the knot around for hours, chewing, then playing with it. She didn't finish the entire bone until sometime the following day, so it lasted her a good long time, and I still had a second one left for another time. 

She gets at these at least a couple of times a week now and never gets tired of them unlike some of the other treats I have given her in the past. She always gets excited when she sees me going to the doggie cupboard because she knows that I am going to give her one of her favorite treats.

The Hartz Rawhide Bones, Natural for Medium/Large Dogs do a great job of keeping her occupied, reducing her anxiety, satisfying her need to chew, and keeping her teeth clean. In fact, at our last visit to the vet, they commented on what beautiful healthy teeth she has. 

These are by far superior to any of the other treats and chews that I have tried in the past. Jasmine loves them and so do I. Not only are they long lasting, but also safer for her. They definitely get the thumbs up and five stars from both me and from Jasmine. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who has a medium to large dog whether or not they have chewing issues, even if only given on occasion for healthy teeth, but especially for anyone who has a dog with chewing issues.

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