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At 24 Years Old, My Cockatiel Has Eaten Pounds of This Product and Thrived

Sep 5, 2002
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Pros:Nutritionally sound, Readily Available

Cons:Packaging and Quality Issues with older shelf life products

The Bottom Line: Other than packaging and shelf life issues, Hartz Cockatiel Diet Large Bag in Box is a good quality pet food for your bird.

My kids and I sat down last night to think about the age of our pets. While our oldest cat is now going to be 8 next year, what really amazes us all is that our cockatiel is coming on 25 years old! Thatís older than my oldest son is and is an amazing feat considering that I donít pamper this bird at all.

Throughout his life heís had to eat a wide variety of birdseeds from the really cheap to moderate. However, the one that he has eaten the most has probably been Hartz Cockatiel.

Hartz Cockatiel Diet

Hartz Cockatiel Diet is one of the cheapest birdseeds that you can find on the market. With a box usually costing about $2 or less, you can find this product in almost every grocery and discount store from Kroger to Wal-Mart. Usually when I purchase Hartz Cockatiel Diet, it is because I am in a hurry away from PetsMart and need to get seed on an emergency basis. When I am not so pressed for time, I usually purchase other brands.

However, letís get back to the seed.

Personally, I believe that Hartz is one of the lower grades of cockatiel seed that you can purchase for your pet. I say this because the seed itself does not really give an overall wide variety of visual appeal or as much diversity in seed types as other brands. Overall, the seed has a bland type of color, mostly tan, and there is a lot of seed dust in the product especially if you are purchasing this particular brand in the large box.

When I purchase this brand of seed for Cedric I have found that he also has his own finicky tastes that cause some wastage of this product.

First, there are pellet type ďthingsĒ in the seeds. I donít know what else to call them but pellets, because they do not look like any type of seed that I know of. Cedric does not like to eat these pellets and he throws them on the bottom of the cage or on the floor making a mess.

Also, there are a lot of larger seeds within this particular brand. Cedric is fonder of smaller seeds than the larger ones so he tends to leave those in the dish uneaten. Why he does this, I donít know and at his age, Iím not going to try to figure it out.

What is important to know is that, at least with my bird, there is going to be some significant wastage with this product as opposed to other brands such as Kaytee or 8 in 1. There are just some things within this seed mixture that my bird will not eat.

Good Things About Hartz Cockatiel Seed

There are some good things about Hartz Cockatiel Seed that I would like to mention to you at this time.

Readily Available - Hartz Cockatiel Seed is readily available as I have mentioned before in almost every store that handles pet products. Therefore it is very easy to purchase.

Price - The price of Hartz Cockatel Seed in a large box is rather reasonable for the convenience. I have purchased this seed before from prices ranging from $1.69 to $2.19 a box in most stores. When I am pressed and can not purchase a large bag of food, this works well for me.

Nutrition - Since Cedric has eaten Hartz Cockatiel Seed for most of his life, I can affirmatively state to you that it must do a ďbodyĒ good. (grin) I donít know of many cockatiels who have lived as long as he has, and when I have pet sitters come to watch my pets when I am on vacation, they are astounded at how healthy he is.

Negatives to Hartz Cockatiel Seed

However, I do have some negative issues with Harts Cockatiel Seed that I would like to mention to you.

Quality - As I mentioned the Hartz Cockatiel Seed in the Large Box has more ďdustĒ in it than the bagged versions of this product. Why that is? I donít know. Perhaps though it is because in some cases, the product has been sitting on the store shelf for too long. To check this, I would turn the box upside down while looking into the see through part of the front to see how much dust moves around. If there is a significant amount of dust, I would avoid purchasing this product. This would probably indicate also some spoilage of the seed. (and this has happened to me)

Resealing Issues - Another issue that I have with Hartz Cockatiel Seed in the Large Box, is that there really isnít a good way to seal the product for freshness. Most of the boxes have a bag in them that is hard to open (you usually have to cut it with scissors, or it will explode everywhere) and impossible to reseal effectively. I have also had the bag of this product split on the sides, causing me to store the seed inside of a Ziploc container. Either way, Hartz needs to work on this issue.


Since my bird has proved that Hartz is a good nutritional product for cockatiels by my birdís long life, I have to give a good recommendation to Hartz Cockatiel Seed in the Large Box on this review.

However, I do believe that Hartz needs to take measures to insure quality in their product by having a good visual expiration date on their packaging and asking merchants to remove expired products from their shelves. With that and having the bag inside of the box of a higher quality material, I believe that Hartz will continue to be very profitable because their seed is so economical and readily available.

Additional Information

NUTRITION FACTS: Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein15%
Crude Fat7%
Crude Fiber11%
Vitamin A 2,500 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 500 IU/kg
Vitamin E 20 IU/kg

White millet, oat groats, wheat, safflower seed, canary grass seed, red millet, pope seed, sunflowers ,soybean meal, ground corn, buckwheat flakes, calcium carbonate, ground wheat, corn gluten meal, ground oats, sterile hemp seed, soybean oil, salt,hydrolyzed animal and vegetable oil,meat and bone meal, animal fat(preserved with BHA), soybean hulls, brewers dried yeast, yucea schidigea extract, DL-methionine, propionic acid, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex and menadione dimethylpyrimidinal bisulfite(source of vitamin K), ascorbic acid, biotin, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine monoitrate, vitamin B12Supplement, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, copper sulfate, ferrous carbonate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate, magnesium oxide, mangonese gluconate, manganese sulfate, manganous oxide, sodium selenite, zinc gluconate, zinc sulfate, artificial and natural flavor, color added(yellow 5,6 red 3,40 titanium dioxide).

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