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Hasbro Rook Card Game by Hasbro

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Sep 13, 2003
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Pros:One of the best card games out there; hours of inexpensive fun!

Cons:New card design is less attractive and harder to read.

The Bottom Line: Pick up a box of this classic Hasbro Rook Card Game for hours of entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

As a kid, I remember my parents often playing this Hasbro Rook Card Game with each other or with friends and they always seemed to have a grand time! Once I was married and eventually learned to play myself, my husband and I usually end up playing this addicting card game with my parents every time we visit them or vice versa (they live 5 hours away). It's usually the men verses the women, and we have a blast every time we play. While I'm not a great player by a long shot, I still enjoy the togetherness such a game brings into our lives. Read on to find out more about this highly recommended past time anyone from 8 to 80 can learn to play.

~~~The Card Game~~~

This classic bidding Hasbro Rook Card Game contains a deck of 59 cards in 4 colors (red, black, yellow, and green) and can be played by 2 to 6 players. Each color contains cards numbered from 1 to 14, and there is one Rook card printed in blue, or "the bird" as we like to call it. According to product advertising, this trick taking card game invented in 1906 has been a favorite for nearly 100 years. This classic card game is easier than Bridge, more challenging than Hearts. Make your bids, play your tricks, but look out for that Rook! The ultimate wild card, this big bird can fly off with your well-laid plans. While I've never been a fan of either Hearts or Bridge, I personally think Rook is much like playing Spades. The cards themselves are aqua colored on one side with a black crow called the Rook pictured on the back. Each face card shows both the number in both numeric and spelled out print, and the color is obvious. Point cards (the 5, 10, & 14) have the point amount printed on the face of the card as well (5 points for the 5 and 10 points for both the 10 and the 14). The 1 is worth 15 points, but no point value is assigned to these 4 cards (and the Rook is worth 20 points). Bidding, calling the trump color, and then taking tricks is the basic object of the game. Players can play individually or in teams, but in my opinion, playing with teams is much more fun! Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box for easy storage (and containing cards that are comfortable to hold and coated for easy dealing), this Hasbro Rook Card Game includes a few pages of detailed rules for several different ways it can be played.

~~~Price & Availability~~~

Look for this Hasbro Rook Card Game in the card section of your favorite toy store, or online at www.areyougame.com for about $6 per deck. Availability is limited in some areas of the country, however, as we've decided no one in Florida plays this game! A few years ago, we all were vacationing there and we stopped at practically every store we could find to purchase some Rook cards and came out empty handed every time. So now we always make sure we pack some from home so we'll have them. Only I hope the newer design as pictured above is eventually changed as I like the older more attractive black cards better as the numbers were bigger and easier to read. If you can't find this Hasbro Rook Card Game in stores, order online at places like this one:


~~~Experience and Game Rules~~~

There are many different ways this Hasbro Rook Card Game can be played (for example: my husband likes to play with the red 2 in a 4 player game as the "little Rook"). Keep in mind that there are 180 points total that are up for grabs in each hand, and minimum bids vary depending on how many people are playing. For our usual 4 player, 2 team game, we first take out all the 2s, 3s, and 4s as these are only used when more people are playing the game. The dealer shuffles these cards and places 5 cards (4 face down and 1 face up) in the nest that will eventually belong to the winning bidder. Each player gets 10 cards with the deal. Players then pass or bid, depending on point cards or number of potential trump cards in their hands. The winning bidder takes the nest and then discards 5 cards from his or her hand before calling the trump color. Play begins with the person taking the bid and proceeds with the player to the left of the lead. Tricks are taken with each round until all the cards are played. Each person must play suit yet can trump a trick if out of a specific color. The "bird" can take any hand and can be played at any time according to the official rules (although we play differently and can only play the Rook if out of the played suit). Points are tallied at the end of each hand for each team and added together, depending on if the bidding team made their bid or not (the bid is subtracted from the total if the bid was not made). The team who accumulates 300 points first wins according to the instruction booklet found in each Hasbro Rook Card Game box, although we play to 500 instead.

~~~Overall Recommendation~~~

If you enjoy playing cards and like bidding games, then this Hasbro Rook Card Game would be the perfect choice. Hours and hours of family fun can be enjoyed at an inexpensive price. It takes practice to become a good Rook player (& partner), however, as experience is the best teacher. For just when you think you've got the hand won, something unexpected happens and your trick(s) are lost! But the surprises are what makes the game so fun. Many people are quite serious about this entertaining hobby and actually participate in Rook tournaments that take place all over the country. While I'm not even close to being good enough to play in an tournament, I still enjoy playing this Hasbro Rook Card Game on occasion and have done so for many years now. So if you've not ever played Rook, give it a try with your next family/friends get together and you'll wonder just WHERE the time went! Good luck and happy card playing :-)

***For more information on this Hasbro Rook Card Game and other great "family night" games that are fun for everyone, check out the following website:


***Or specifically for this Rook card game:


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Made in the USA by Parker Brothers

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Amount Paid (US$): 5.96
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: 9 Years or Older

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