Hasta Gro Organic Plant Food - Gallon (046753041280) Reviews

Hasta Gro Organic Plant Food - Gallon (046753041280)

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A Great Alternative to Chemical Fertilizers

Aug 7, 2008 (Updated Aug 7, 2008)
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Pros:It works and it is environmentally safe.

Cons:Does not work as quickly as chemical alternatives.

The Bottom Line: My trees and shrubs are much healthier after using this product and I don't have to worry about it harming my kids.

A few years ago while out walking around the local lake my daughter and I could not help but notice a large number of dead fish floating in the water. I talked with the owner of a local nursery here in Houston about it and he said that the recent rains had caused a large runoff of chemical fertilizers and pesticides off of the local yards and had caused the fish to die.

This got me thinking and I started doing some research on possible alternatives to using these harmful chemicals. With two children and two dogs that love to play in my yard I now choose to only to use organic fertilizers and Medina Hasta Grow is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers.

What is it?

This is a concentrated liquid fertilizer that when added to water can be used to feed the soil directly, new transplants or applied on the leaves of the plants. It contains fermentation extracts, seaweed extracts, micronutrients, urea, humic acid, and water. These organic compounds strengthen and multiply the microbes already in the soil and convert nutrients in the soil into a form that is usable to plants. They can also be applied directly to the leaves of the plants to be absorbed that way. It is best applied with a hose end sprayer or a pump sprayer.

How is it used

I personally prefer to use this as a foliar spray. I mix about a ounce per gallon of water into my pump sprayer and spray the leaves of my different trees and shrubs in my yard. When applying to the leaves make sure to get underneath the leaves as well for the best absorption of nutrients. It is also important not to do this in the heat of the day as this can burn the leaves of your plant.

This can also be used directly onto the soil. I usually use Medina Plus instead of Hasta Gro for this, but Hasta Gro works fine. To apply to your lawn or soil around your plants mix an ounce per gallon of water.

The other way to use this product which I have had excellent results with is directly applying to the roots of transplants. The bottle recommends mixing an ounce per gallon of water and spraying the exposed roots before transplanting. I personally mix an ounce per gallon in a small bucket and dip the transplant into the water for about 15 or 20 seconds, making sure the roots are fully exposed to the fertilizer.

Does it work?

The short answer to this question is yes, but there are some things to note. First, if you are looking for very quick results most organic solutions are not going to do this. I have been using all organic for a few years now and I am just starting to notice a difference in my plants and soil. Chemical fertilizers can kill or harm soil organisms and they do not just come back after one use of organics.

My experience tells me that chemical fertilizers will give faster results and sometimes appear on the surface to produce healthier plants and lawn. My lawn does not look as green as some of my neighbors, but my trees and shrubs have grown considerably more and I attribute this to the Median foliar sprays and just a healthier soil.

What is good about it?

Medina Hasta Grow works, as my trees and shrubs can confirm. I can also apply this while my children are outside playing and I do not have to worry about it harming them in any way. I take that back, my crazy 22 month old son would probably drink this stuff if I left it anywhere where he could get a hold of it. I cannot imagine that being very good for him.

I do not have to worry about it running off and killing the fish in my local lake or polluting the area in general. Medina products, including Hasta Gro are easy to find now in my area. They are usually sold in the organic sections of Lowes and Home Depot as well as my local nursery.

It is also much harder to “burn” your soil or plants with over application of this product. I learned the hard way with some of the chemical fertilizers I used that more does not mean better. I have never had a problem with any of the Medina products burning my lawn or plants.


At around $20 there are cheaper fixes out there. All of the organic products can be more expensive, but at the same time since they typically release nutrients slower than chemical alternatives they do not need to be applied as frequently. This product also will not produce the quick results that I have experienced with chemical alternatives, but I believe it produces better results in the long term.

I must mention that organic fertilizers will run off your lawn and plants just like chemical ones. The thing is, since organic fertilizers are not applied as often and since they do not have the high concentrations of chemicals that other fertilizers do the harmful environmental impact is lessened.


This is an excellent product. My plants and shrubs look better than they ever did before I started using Hasta Gro. It can be expensive, but the gallon container usually lasts quite awhile. The best thing about this product is I can apply it without having to worry about my children or two dogs being exposed to chemicals that may get them sick.

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