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Heinz Original 57 Sauce - 10 oz

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Pittsburgh Pride Nationwide: Steaks, Burgers, Fries & Kielbasa All Love Heinz 57

Jan 10, 2010
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Pros:Nice taste, can be used as a marinade, a tailgating necessity.

Cons:Glass bottles can be dangerous.

The Bottom Line: If you're from The Burgh then consider this a necessity!

I just read toiletoctopus's review of Heinz Ketchup. His little note of "Made in Pittsburgh" gave me a little twinge of guilt. Why? There are a lot of great Heinz products that I've yet to review and have been putting them off. Tailgating is officially over for the Steelers and there are a lot of very sore fans but hey, some of them have already jumped on the Pens [Pittsburgh Penguins] bandwagon. Even if you aren't in to tailgating or having parties for games, Heinz 57 is a great condiment to have around for almost any type of meat, sandwich or as a dip for chicken fingers. There has always been a war in the house over A1 Steak Sauce and Heinz 57. I do like them both and buy them frequently but they have two completely different tastes to them.

Heinz 57, as the locals call it, is an interesting sauce that you can use on just about everything. Consider it ketchup with a kick if you have to put a flavor label on it. This is not the same as Heinz Steak Sauce even though the bottles sort of look the same. The ingredients of it are pretty basic but it’s the amount of each that give it a unique taste and can greatly improve cuts of cheap meat if you use it with a couple of other ingredients as a marinade. The bulk of it is made up of Heinz Ketchup, raisin juice, powdered mustard flavoring, corn syrup and spices. A lot of people have tried to make their own homemade version but so far I haven't tasted one that has completely nailed the original version.

To use this as a marinade you are going to have to thin it out a little; it is thick out of the bottle so add some pineapple juice or pulp free orange juice to help tenderize beef cuts. You can use this with some honey and some pineapple juice when grilling kabobs, cubed meats, burgers or pork steaks to give it a nice snap when you eat it. A lot of the hard core tailgaters will have at least five bottles of this with them at the parking lot, that is how serious they are about the food they make and the way they want it to taste. I like to add a couple tablespoons of this to chili when I make a huge batch of it. Some locals use ketchup in their recipe but I think it makes it a little too salty.

About the only negative I have about Heinz 57 is the smaller bottles are still packaged in glass. I think this is something that is only a "Pittsburgh thing" so if you live elsewhere chances are yours will be in plastic. I don't like glass bottles; they are heavy and if you drop them there is a chance that they could shatter. The ten ounce bottles last a couple of months but if we are grilling a lot we could go through one every couple of weeks. The kids don't really care for it because they say it is too spicy but I don't really think that it is. I don't eat hot or spicy things and this is something that I love to dip chicken patties or chicken nuggets in. I prefer my hamburgers plain with no sauce on them but whenever we are cooking on the grill, almost everyone wants this added to them when they are almost done cooking. You can also add some to plain baked beans for a sweet and tangy taste.

This can be expensive; most stores sell this for at least three dollars a bottle and that is twice as much as the store brand. I usually get it when it is on sale and stock up on it. They do need to be refrigerated once they are open but until that happens you can tuck them away in the pantry or closet until needed. Since Heinz is located in Pittsburgh there are a lot of die hard fans of their products. A few years ago I made the mistake of putting a non-Heinz bottle of ketchup on the table when some people were having dinner with us and I got a lot of really weird looks. The same thing happens at the grocery store when you buy something other than a Heinz product.

There are times when I want something that has a bolder taste, that's when I reach for the A1 Steak Sauce [made by Kraft] but most of the time I will grab the tall thin bottle of Heinz 57 off the door of the refrigerator and use it for a dip or spread on a sandwich. At only twenty calories per suggested serving of one tablespoon the only two things you have to worry about are the grams of sodium and running out of this sauce. Storing the bottle upside down will allow you to get the last serving or two out of the bottle but that's usually a sign from the food gods that its time to make some chili or whip up a marinade and fire up the grill.

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