Hero Clix Marvel Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Battle pack, NECA

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Marvel HeroClix Classics: Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Battle Pack Kneel Before King Doom

Jun 18, 2010
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Pros:The all-powerful Dr. Doom; excellent theme set

Cons:No map and rule book included

The Bottom Line: If you only collected one set, the Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Battle Pack is the one to get just for Dr. Doom alone.

WizKids and NECA are bringing more awareness to the HeroClix line by testing the waters with these smaller sets. Sold at Toys ‘R' Us, the new Marvel HeroClix: Classics line introduces new players to the game in hopes to get them interested. Four sets of three figures grace the shelves showcasing popular Marvel Comics characters. One of the best ways to get into the game is to create theme teams. What better way to do that than with the Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Battle Pack.

The packaging is different from other HeroClix sets as you can actually see the figures that you are getting. This particular set includes Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and Dr. Doom.

***Please note: these three figures originally appeared in the Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Four Starter set. They have been repackaged for this purpose.


Reed Richards is a genius-level scientist and leader of the Fantastic Four. His ability to stretch all over the place has proved to be more than just a goofy power. Combined with his intellect and imagination, he is aptly dubbed as Mr. Fantastic. While he is only seven clicks deep, he definitely isn't a pushover. His Speed dial starts of with three clicks of his special power of Pliable. The remaining four clicks are dedicated to Plasticity, allowing him to tie up his opponents from escaping. His Attack dial is devoid of any powers but he does start off with a decent attack value of +10 and holds it for the first three clicks. He starts off with a string defense value of 17 powered with Toughness for the first two clicks. He then shifts over to Ductile, another special power, for three clicks before returning back to Toughness for the remaining two. His defensive capabilities prove to be formidable. His Damage dial is average as he dishes out base 2 for most of the dial. The key, however, is the first three clicks granting him Inventive Genius, another special power, to bolster his powers or decrease his opponents. After that it's Outwit for the rest of the dial. Naturally, he has the Fantastic Four team ability and an average range of 6 squares to attack from afar.

**Pliable (Special Powers - Speed Dial): Mr. Fantastic can use Leap/Climb and Plasticity.
**Ductile (Special Powers - Defense Dial): Mr. Fantastic can use Super Senses and Barrier (as if he had a range of 0). When a Barrier terrain marker placed by Mr. Fantastic is destroyed, roll a d6; on a result of 1, deal 1 damage to Mr. Fantastic.
**Inventive Genius (Special Powers - Damage Dial): Mr. Fantastic can use Perplex, but he can modify the target's combat values by +2 or -2 if he is targeting himself of another character with which he shares a keyword.

Rank: Veteran
Point Value: 100
Collector's Number: 1-07
Rarity: Common
Team Affiliation: Fantastic Four

Out of all the members on the Fantastic Four, I consider the Invisible Woman to be the most powerful. Sue Richards may look like the weakest link but she is far from that. She has the ability to fly so don't be fooled by the figure and definitely check her dial. Her Speed dial starts off with Invisible, a special power, for five clicks giving her a very good advantage against long ranged attacks; however, she sacrifices Stealth as a result. From there it's two clicks of Force Blast to finish her dial of seven clicks. Her Attack dial is pretty decent starting with +9 attack value and Telekinesis for the first click. She then shifts to Incapacitate for two clicks and increases to +10 by the third click. After that it's Quake for the rest of the dial. I'm surprised her defense isn't higher as in previous versions as she only has 17 defense. She uses her special power of Force Fields for the first two clicks, Barrier for the next two, and Super Senses for the final three. Her damage output is average with base 2 for most of the dial. But she dishes it out from time to time with Ranged Combat Expert on her first, sixth and seventh clicks. This gives her an extra +2 to her damage output when making a ranged attack. Outwit appears only on the fifth click. Her 6 range is average and she also sports the Fantastic Four team ability.

**Invisible (Special Powers - Speed Dial): Any character that is 7 or more squares from the Invisible Woman can't draw a line of fire to her.
**Force Fields (Special Powers - Defense Dial): Invisible Woman can use Barrier and Invulnerability.

Rank: Veteran
Point Value: 100
Collector's Number: 1-08
Rarity: Common
Team Affiliation: Fantastic Four

Without a doubt, Victor Von Doom is the Fantastic Four's greatest enemy. With a genius intellect to rival Reed Richards and an insatiable lust for power, Doom will stop at nothing to get what he wants and his eight clicks of power will hope to achieve that goal. He has flying capabilities, as shown on his Speed dial, starting off with two clicks of his special power and ending the same way with his last three clicks. He has good attack value at +11 and Energy Explosion for the first four clicks. He then shifts to three clicks of his special power that makes Energy Explosion even more dangerous. I like how his defense value changes throughout the dial. He begins with 17 defense and end s up with 18 on his third click. It starts to go down throughout the dial with the lowest value being 15. But the strange thing is how it rises again and he ends with 17 defense. Armored Mastermind graces the first two clicks, followed by three clicks of Toughness and three clicks of Willpower. Doom is definitely around for the long haul. He dishes out base 3 damage for most of his clicks, going down to 2 at a few points. But he ends with an impressive base 4 on his last click. It seems Doom becomes powerful at the end. Throughout the dial, he has Lord of Latveria, two clicks of Perplex, three clicks of Probability Control, and two clicks of Outwit. Doom also has a huge range of 10 squares and can target two opponents at the same time. His Minions of Doom team ability allows him to copy any team ability on the board making him quite unpredictable. The most expensive HeroClix in this series is also the most impressive one. This version of Dr. Doom is by far the best one I have seen.
**None Shall Interfere with the Plans of Doom (Special Powers - Speed Dial): Dr. Doom can use Running Shot. Dr. Doom breaks away automatically.
**Kneel Before Doom! (Special Powers - Attack Dial): Dr. Doom can use Energy Explosion, but deals damage equal to his damage value to the target of the attack. Characters adjacent to the target are dealt damage normally.
**Armored Mastermind (Special Powers - Defense Dial): Dr. Doom can use Invulnerability and Mastermind.
**Lord of Latveria (Special Powers - Damage Dial): Dr. Doom can use Outwit and Perplex. When Dr. Doom uses Outwit, he can use it normally, or you can roll a d6 instead; on a result of 4-6, counter a power possessed by a single target opposing character anywhere on the battlefield.

Rank: Unique
Point Value: 200
Collector's Number: 1-09
Rarity: Common
Team Affiliation: Minions of Doom

I really like this set especially when getting a very good Dr. Doom in the mix. The only downside is obtaining the rules and "The Lab" map by downloading them from the website at http://www.wizkidsgames.com/marvelclassics. But I guess it helps people become aware that the website is up and running again, reformatted and polished for all to see. Also included are three character cards, the HeroClix version of cheat sheets.

Any Fantastic Four set is not complete without a great villain, and Dr. Doom fits the billing to a tee. Combine all four sets together and you'll see just how deadly Doom is against his opponents. I won't say he will have an easy time of demolishing them but he will definitely create more damage than anyone would expect. No wonder it is called the Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Battle Pack. Maybe it should be reworded from "battle" to "war."


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***This is part of my 2010 Funny Pages Write-Off. Come join the festivities until the end of July.

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Amount Paid (US$): 5.99
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: Kids to Teens

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