Hewlett Packard F4480 Printer - Printer/Scanner/Copier in One Package!

Dec 19, 2009
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Pros:Inexpensive and very simple to use while giving you excellent quality prints.

Cons:Hewlett Packard does not provide you with a USB cable. Printer is a bit noisy

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for an inexpensive printer, you cannot beat this printer even at its regular price of $79.99.

Ever have one of those days when everything that can go wrong goes wrong and nothing seems to go your own way? I am in the middle of a career transition and have been giving my printer a workout. I used two sets of black and color cartridges copying my resumes. A few years ago my old printer decided to die on me right in the middle of an important assignment I was working on so while visiting Costco Membership warehouse I picked up a check HP printer for $39.99. I didn’t expect much from this printer but I expected it to last a bit longer than it did. It finally died last week after futile attempts to save her life. And wouldn’t you know it. I had just changed the printer cartridges at $71.00 for both cartridges!

I am also searching for a new laptop computer so while visiting Best Buy, I was looking at the printers they had available. Unfortunately, Best Buys salespeople did not seem to care that I wanted to buy a printer. I walked out empty handed. Through a recommendation, I decided to go and check out Micro Center in Tustin, California and I saw my next new printer/scanner.


MAC OS X V10.4, 10.5
Power PC G3, G4, G5 or Intel Core processor256 MB RAM500 MB Hard driveCD-ROMUSB
800 mHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor512 MB RAM1.2 GB Hard DriveMicrosoft Internet ExplorerCD-ROMUSB
Intel Pentium II Celeron or 233 mHz compatible processor128 MB RAM650 MB Hard DriveMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6CD-ROMUSB


Printer/ScannerInstruction booklet and CD softwarePower SupplyOne HP60 black cartridge and one HP60 Tri color cartridge

The Deskjet F4480 has the following functions. It can print, scan or copy any document and also print on photo paper up to 8x10 as well. The functions are pretty straight forward so if you are not into printers, all you have to do is look at the control buttons of this printer.

There are seven primary function buttons and one display window. The controls are on the left side of the printer and include the following:

Power button – This is the button you depress to turn the printer on or off. It lights green when the power is on. Cancel – This cancels any print job you have going through your printer. Scan – Starts scanning your document current in the top loaded scanner. Paper Selection – Changes the paper selection for copying to either plain or photo paper. Actual size/Resize to Fit – Scales the original to the maximum size to fit within the margins of the selected paper width. Start Copy Black – Starts black and white printing. Depress this button for the number of copies you desire. The quantity will display in the LCD display next to this button which also show estimate ink levels. Ink Level Lights – This display shows your approximate ink level. Remember, this is not very accurate and only suggests when your cartridges are running low.


I have been purchasing HP printers since the 1990s and this is the first time I have noticed their instruction manuals are printed on a few pages. They do provide you with a walk through sheet detailing every step you must take for a successful installation. For most people, this installation will take approximately 15-20 minutes to set up.


For those of you who are interested in how consumer products affect our environment, there is a sticker on the side of the product packaging that indicates this product uses recycled plastic.

Less waste – This product was created from 20% recycled plastic.Packaging is 100% recyclable.Original HP60 cartridges bodies contain at least 50% recycled plastic.

This printer uses the following HP cartridges:

HP60 – Yields 200 pages *HP60 Tri-Color 100 pages*HP60XL 600 pages*HP60XL Tri-Color 420*
 *This is approximate and depends upon how much printing you do.


The purpose of my purchase was to replace a broken printer I already had. Because of unemployment, I needed a printer to print my cover letters, resumes and job advertisements. In addition, I needed a copy/scanner that was easy to use to copy my receipts related to my job search for income tax purposes. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a printer that wasn’t going to be used to print photos. But when I went to my local computer supply store, they had a sale on this unit that was the same price as a similar printer that didn’t have the scanner copier built in.

Setting up was very easy. I disconnected my old printer, removed the power supply and placed the USB cord to the side. Installation of the software was easy. It will instruct you to place the printer in a location with easy access. Plug the printer into the electrical socket but do not plug in the USB cord just yet. You will print out an alignment page. This alignment page will then be placed in the scanner for which you will have to depress the scanner button. Once this procedure is done, the rest of the installation can be done at your keyboard. Load the CD into the CD-ROM drive and follow the directions that pop up on your monitor.

Once the software was installed, it will instruct you to connect the USB cord. Next you will restart your computer and you are all set to print, copy or scan. The printer does make a little noise but it is not loud or annoying.


The main reason why I bought the Hewlett Packard F-4480 was its price. Micro Center in Tustin, California had a sale on this unit priced at $69.99 (was $79.99). I also bought a two year extended warranty on this printer because my experience is that these printers will give out under constant use and they can fail at times when you really need your printer. It cost only $20 so I figured it would good insurance for a working printer for three years.

I started my first print batch of approximately thirty pages. This printer says it can do twenty two pages per minute and I found for normal pages (no graphics of fancy photos), it did print very fast. Print quality is sharp and crisp.

Its compact design was another factor in my decision. It does not take up that much space and is very easy to use. But I will admit there is one area I did not like and that is the cost of the printer cartridges. Surprisingly, the cost of the cartridge is cheaper than I thought. My previous HP cartridges were in the $70 range. The cartridges for this printer will set you back about $30 for both the black and tri-color cartridges.

Finally, my biggest gripe about this product is that Hewlett Packard does not provide a USB cable in the box. But, from experience, the cables provided by most printer manufacturers are no good. Purchase a good quality USB cable from your computer supply store instead. You will be much happier with the quality.


One (1) year technical phone and one year limited hardware.
Access to 24/7 support through HP website.


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