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HP PSC 1401 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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The Hewlett Packard 1401 PSC: Your Budget Printer, Scanner, and Copier.

Nov 27, 2005
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Pros:It prints, copies, and scans in black and white or color. Has stand alone capability.

Cons:No FAX capability, ink costs way too much to replace.

The Bottom Line: If you need an all in one printer, copier, and scanner, the HP 1401 is an inexpensive model for your modest needs.

The Hewlett Packard 1401 PSC: Your Budget Printer, Scanner, and Copier.


James Zaworski

These all in one printer, scanner, and copy machines are just getting better and better, and less and less expensive. I recently made a move and left my other all in one PSC in China, so I needed a new one. Instead of buying one that cost over $100, I found this one at Sam’s Club for a modest $40, and decided to pick it up. Hewlett Packard has a whole line of these all in one PSC’s, but at this point in time, I didn’t need one that had the highest scanning or copying capabilities. I needed a simple printer and scanner and copier, mostly for documents and the like, with the occasional photo scanning capability.

An information table on the Hewlett Packard 1401 all in one PSC follows, as well as a review of why I think you might enjoy having one.

Information on the Hewlett Packard 1401 All in One PSC.

Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Output Type: Color Printer
Print Speed: 15 pages per minute in black and white
10 pages per minute in color
Scanning resolution: 600 x 2400 dpi
Scanning capability: both color and black and white
Printing capability: color and black and white
Copy capability: color and black and white
Price: $40-50
Computer connection: USB cord
Computer compatibility: PC and Mac, two CD-ROM installation disks come with it
Country of manufacture: Malaysia
Ink included? Yes, both color and black and white

What I like about the Hewlett Packard 1401 all in one PSC.

1. The “all in one” and “stand alone” capabilities.

The Hewlett Packard 1401 all in one printer, scanner, copier does exactly what it claims to do, that is: print, scan and copy. It can do all three of these while connected to the computer or in “stand alone” mode.

Printing from the computer is a breeze once the software is set up and the computer knows this is the default printer. Black and white printing is mostly what I do, since ink is so expensive. The quality of the print from this printer is more than adequate. I have used it to print out everything from address labels and letters, to professional resume and curriculum vitae documents.

I have printed a couple of high quality digital photos onto regular paper, and it seems to do the job well. I will have to buy some photo quality paper to print out more, to see how nicely it compares with other printers that are solely dedicated as photo printers.

Scanning from this machine is pretty excellent too. I have scanned various older photos onto this to put onto my computer, to be sent to other family members, for example, in emails. The quality of the scans is pretty good. I know that the resolution is not the highest, but it seems pretty good to me. How many pixels do you need, anyhow? Black and white documents scan crystal clear.

Copying is the one thing I have not done much of on this PSC. I have copied a few black and white documents, and it does a nice job with them. I will have to see how it does when copying photos, when I get some photo quality paper.

2. Ease of setup.

Setting this printer/copier/scanner up is a breeze. You just install the software from the CD-ROM that is appropriate for you computer, PC or Mac format, and you are ready to hook up your printer. Just plug and go, that’s how easy it is. Mine was set up and printing and scanning in about ten minutes.

3. Price.

I paid half the price I paid for my last all in one PSC (also a HP), for this one. It was only about $40 plus tax from Sam’s Club. It’s a very good deal, but so far I have not had to pay for the ink.

What I don’t like about the HP 1401.

1. No FAX capability.

I don’t know why they don’t include a model with FAX capability. My needs dictate that for business purposes, that I have FAX capability with the other three functions. I’d pay more for this function, and wish HP would offer a model that has it.

2. Ink costs.

Both a black and white and color ink cartridge come standard with this printer. However, I know they will run out soon, with all of the printing that I do. And the ink costs alone to replace both will run me about the same price as the printer itself. This is where these printer manufacturers make big money, because you have to buy their ink cartridges, which are specific to their printer. It’s a catch 22 that we all seem to have to dance to.
Oh well, that’s why I give it 4 instead of 5 stars.

So, all in all, the Hewlett Packard 1401 all in one printer, scanner, and copier is a nice product. The price is right, and it does a fine job printing, scanning, and copying in both black and white and in color. It could do a better job, but for $40, it’s a great deal. There are some drawbacks, but the positives outweigh the negatives by far. I’m happy with mine and think you will enjoy it too.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 40
Operating System: Windows and Macintosh

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