Hewlett Packard Advanced Photo Paper Glossy (60 Sheets 5 X 7" ) (Q8690A) Reviews
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Hewlett Packard Advanced Photo Paper Glossy (60 Sheets 5 X 7" ) (Q8690A)

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Good Photo Paper For Any Inkjet

Mar 17, 2008
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Pros:Water-resistant, relatively inexpensive, very fast drying.

Cons:Could be thicker; not studio quality.

The Bottom Line: A good photo paper for various uses, though not for studio-quality prints. At least not on my HP printers anyway. Still, it is a decent photo paper.

Printing photos at home isn't what it used to be. Previously, few people printed a photo on their own printer that was meant to be a keepsake. However, with digital photography nearly wiping out film cameras, coupled with the vast improvements made in inkjet printer and ink technology, printing your own photos has become easy and can be relatively inexpensive. Recently, I purchased my wife a little portable HP photo printer that will print on both 4x6 and 5x7 photo media. This HP Advanced photo paper was recommended for the printer because, partnered with the HP printer's ink, it will result in waterproof photos. So I picked up a couple of packs of this paper.

Using the Paper/Paper Quality and Build
Since this is 5x7 photo paper, you may want to make sure that your printer will handle 5x7 photo paper as some older printers only handle 8.5 x 11. Otherwise, this paper is compatible with all inkjet printers. Though it will work on any inkjet printer, the paper is designed with HP printers in mind. On the back of the paper are markings that will tell an HP printer which photo paper is being used. Newer HP printers, which have a sensor that detects the paper, will make automatic adjustments to fit the paper style. For example, on this lower grade Advanced paper (that will not support high resolution printing), a newer HP printer will automatically print a 600 dpi photo. These adjustments can be overridden through the print properties. Keep in mind though, that this paper cannot handle high resolution printing. If you tried, you'd either get a sloppy, wet photo or a big mess of ink.

The Advanced line of HP photo paper is their middle-of-the-line consumer use photo paper, which makes it slightly more economical as far as price than other HP photo paper. This 60 pack of Advanced glossy photo paper retails for $12, which averages out to be a cost of about 20 cents per sheet. When you figure in the amount of ink your printer will use when printing your photo, you will see a cost of around 30 to 45 cents per print, depending on your printer.

This paper is comparable with the type of paper you would see your Wal-Mart photos printed on. It has a 10.5 mil thickness which is slightly above average for a photo paper. It has a slick backside and is a glossy media. It has mediocre fade resistance, but is water-resistance with HP printers using either the 110 cartridge (in portable photo printers) or the 6-ink (or higher) Vivera systems that modern HP printers use. I am not sure as to whether or not the photos are water-resistant on other printer brands.

Photo Quality
Photos printed with this paper can be compared to the quality you would get from a photo kiosk. Colors, though occasionally seem a little washed out when printed from my printers at home. I have had prints where the contrasts have been very poor and muddy. As I mentioned, this paper does not support high-resolution printing. That being said, though, the pictures do not really appear grainy. On a relative's Canon printer, the colors appeared less washed out than they did on my HP. I should note, that at times, ink seems to slightly bleed through around the edges of the photo paper, though this isn't a big deal for me. The photo paper is fast drying, and doesn't leave smudges or smears when handled immediately after printing. I have seen this paper used on both Epson and Canon printers (which also recommend you use their own paper). On the Epson printer, the photos were very similar in quality to the HP- good, though could have been slightly better. On the Canon printer, the photo quality was excellent. I've often found Canon printers to have the best photo quality, albeit at a higher cost than some HP printers.

5x7 photos are popular. Larger than a 4x6, they seem the perfect size to stick on your coffee table or on a bookshelf. They're good for scrapbooking as they an excellent centerpeice photo for a slightly larger page. This HP Advanced Photo Paper does well on the various inkjet printers I've seen it used on, and it does good on my two HP printers. Though colors could be a little darker, and with a little more contrast, for the price it is hard to resist this photo paper. It's ideal for printing photos to hand out to relatives or as seasonal cards since they are water resistant, however for archival quality, you may look elsewhere.

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