HP LaserJet P4515X Workgroup Laser Printer Reviews
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HP LaserJet P4515X Workgroup Laser Printer

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Hassle-free printing, priced very fairly.

Jul 28, 2010
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Pros:Absolutely no jams, easy to use, runs very smoothly.

Cons:Only holds 1,100 sheets at a time.

The Bottom Line: It's rare to find a printer this cooperative--but I've had no hardware, software, or mechanical problems: for that, it gets my vote of confidence.

We've used this printer at my office for a while now. It was a huge upgrade at the time, but we needed a workgroup laser printer to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and efficiently, and this seemed like a long-term investment that was a little lighter on the wallet than a lot of the similar models on the market, and HP is a pretty trustworthy brand when it comes to printers (in my experience, anyway). So far, we haven't been disappointed.

Whereas it hasn't been intentionally put to the test, it has definitely lived up to its claims of 60 pages per minute. I have printed hundred-page-plus documents in about two minutes, or a little over. This is the fist model of this type that I have owned so I cannot compare from experience, but that does seem to be significantly faster than print jobs I've seen at other businesses. What particularly sold me--and works like a dream--is its duplex printing, which allows you to simultaneously print on the front and back of a page. If you've ever had to do this manually, you know what a logistical nightmare it can turn into. It's a seamless, flawless operation on this HP.

Seeing as how it is monochromatic, and we use it strictly for business-related things, the dpi seemed a bit irrelevant; however, it does print at 1200 dpi which should be sufficient for just about any monochromatic task. There is also a 540 mhz processor which, when combined with the duplex printer, means that it moves very fast when handling complex operations.

As of yet, I have not experienced a single paper jam, and routine adjustments (toner, etc) are remarkably simple. Hardware compatibility and software operations are an absolute breeze. It's about as "plug and play" as things can get.

All that said, I do have two complaints. For one, there's a capacity of only 1100 sheets. I don't mind having to change the paper that frequently, but it is a little absurd when the printer is such a powerhouse otherwise. (You can purchase another tray to bring it up to 3,600 sheets.) Also, you can only print up to A4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in). Again, for most people this would be fine, and it works for me. I wouldn't expect a jump up to A3 in a monochromatic printer designed primarily for office documents.

Overall, it's going to be a big investment either way. I can't say that this printer has absolutely blown my mind, but when spending this amount of money you want the product to work correctly. I have had a lot of problems with printers in the past--they can be the most frustrating peripheral--and this one works well and efficiently, and has a very suitable pricetag.

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Amount Paid (US$): 1499
Operating System: Windows and Macintosh

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