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Hitachi CM721FB 19" CRT Monitor

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This is a BIG Monitor+Program to test LCD/CRT Monitors with test/setup procedures

Feb 26, 2006 (Updated Apr 2, 2006)
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Pros:Sharp-Fantastic Color

Cons:BIG but I can live with this

The Bottom Line: Sharp text-Fantastic color-Nice size screen

How Big is it

With this monitor you have a 18” viewable screen. It takes up a lot of real estate on a desk. It also weighs in at 58.1 lbs. Front to back it's depth is 18 3/4”, the width is 17 5/8”, and the height for the desk to the top is 19”. So you can see it is huge. Be sure that your desk will have enough space and will support the weight of this monster.

Specifications from the TigerDirect website

Display Properties
Display Type Pure Flat CRT
Viewable Screen Size 18 inches
Pixel Pitch 0.25 mm
Resolution and Preset Modes
Maximum Resolution 1600 x 1200
Physical Specifications
D 18 3/4"x W 17 5/8" x H 19 1/4"
Built Febuary of 2003 (this I got with a program I have that reads the rom in this monitor)


Like most anything you buy now, a computer controls all the adjustments you can make. There are 5 buttons on the front.
2 buttons that select the adjustment to be made be

Adjustments Total of 16
Size Verticle/Horizontal
Position Vertical/Horizontal
, plus all the standard adjustments that when I started working on Color TV's-you had to take the case off
plus you can adjust the warmth of the screen or even degauss the CRT all from the front controls. The last 2 buttons make the adjustments. They are also very easy to use. By eye(and a very experianced eye) this monitor looks perfect, no distortion anywhere on the screen.

Why I needed a Monitor and How I got it

Back in 2002, I bought a Sony 17” monitor. It was a recertified, which means it was used and recieved as a trade in for a new one. What happens then is a company completely checks it out. Repairing anything broken. They then certify as good. Also they usually have a warrenty on these.
Several months ago, this monitor started having problems. Finally last month it stopped working. I paid $117 for this and I know I got my money's worth out of this. Review on this monitor is here

One of the reasons I will buy a recertified monitor from TigerDirect is they will only sell Grade A monitors. Recertified monitors are about 4 grades A is Best and D being worst. This monitor as I recieved looks and works as if it was new. I have examined the crt and cabinet and not found one scratch or mark anywhere. Using this monitor I think it will work for at least 5 years.

I started looking for good size monitor as I was getting tired of using my spare 14”. I found the Hitachi 19” monitor which I thought would work just right for me. This was the Hitachi CM721F511 and with a 18” viewable screen, It was also a recertified monitor. I had to have this. I paid $89.99 for it, plus $33.50 for shipping and handling. With this I recieved a 12 months parts and labor warrenty. By the way if I ordered this new the price would have been well over $300.
I could have bought a LCD of the same size but it would have cost anywhere from $100 to $200 more than I paid. Since I have limited funds, I can live with the size and weight of this.

Using the monitor

After hooking it up and having the system on. I was amazed at how big it looked. Now this monitor has a pure-flat crt. Now I have this running at 1024x768 85hz and the text is sharp and clear. the color is fantastic. On my computers, I watch TV and DVD movies and I'm enjoying myself. Watching on the computers, the TV/DVD's are sharper, clearer and with my sound system I get better sound(Stereo) than my daughter or granddaughters get on their TV's.

Test Program for Monitor
This program will help you test and setup any monitor on Windows Operating systems. This is what tells me this monitor is practically perfect. The Name of it is Nokia Monitor Test. With this program I have all the lines from the edges to the center straight. Convergance is perfect. Plus the screen is adjusted for best viewing.
Try it your self and you will see what I mean. PS it's free.

Using this program to test and setup CRT or LCD Monitors

LCD monitors only have issues really with Brightness and Contrast. CRT's have issues with uniformity and convergence. This program has 9 test patterns of testing CRT'. Four of these are really used on LCD's. Nearly all patterns has several different functions for testing and adjusting. Now I will list each pattern describing the purpose.(LCD/CRT) will be both and (CRT) will just mainly for CRT.

1 Geometry (CRT)
One of the patterns here are a series of lines both horizontal and vertical forming boxes approximately 1" square. There are also 5 circles- 4 smaller ones in each corner and 1 bigger one in the center. With the lines both top / bottom and sides. This is called the cross hatch pattern. Using the adjustments on the monitor, you adjust the lines top/bottom are level also the sides line up with the bezel. Using the program you can make this nearly perfect. At least the eye can not see any difference.

2 Convergence(CRT)
Using the same cross-hatch pattern, but with varying colors across the screen. Each color should be in alignment with the others with no variance any where on the screen.

3 Resolution (LCD/CRT)
This pattern is a series of lines side by side across the whole screen. Look for any dead pixel here.

4 Moire (CRT)
This I don't use but to just see how it looks. To me there is nothing wrong here.

5 Brightness/Contrast (LCD/CRT)
This will help both LCD and CRT owners adjust the brightness for best picture. But it will only get you in range. You can adjust for your own preferences.

6 Focus (CRT/LCD)

This is a pattern of 4 boxes in each corner and the center. It shows just how focused your monitor is.

7 Readability

This shows a pattern of the single word "readability" all over the screen. It shows even more clearly just how focused the monitor is.

8 Color(CRT/LCD)

This shows a full screen of each color, Red,Yellow,Blue, White and Black. Look for dead pixels, they will show up quicker.

9 Screen Regulation

This shows an outside rectangle of either White or Black and a smaller rectangle in the center of the oppisite color. It will alternate the colors in each rectangle every few seconds . Every time it does there should be no tearing or alteration in them.

According what I saw in this program, my new CRT Monitor looks practically perfect. At least I could not tell anything was off.

My Experiance
AA Degree in Electronics since 1966.
Worked in factories that made TV's/Stereo's
worked in repair shops repairing Color Tv's/Stereo's/Radio's
Amateur Radio Operator for 30 years
Built many electronic kit
Built a Color TV once from a kit-worked great if I say so myself

I have this monitor on this system but with a AMD Sempron 64 3300 , a eVGA FX6200 256 meg DDR and a Pinnacle PCTV 110i.
“How I built my AMDx64 computer(Udated Motherboard/Vista/CPU/Power Supply info)”

Update 1280 X 1024 Resolution 85 Hz
I recently set this monitor up for 1280X1024 resolution and using the program listed. I still think this monitor is just about perfect.
Watching a DVD Movie at this resolution is an absolute joy. Clear,sharp and enjoyable.
Setting up to read text in both IE7 and all my programs is easy. I think I will keep it here.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): $134.49
Operating System: Windows and Macintosh

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