Hitachi WH10DL 10.8-Volt Cordless Lithium Ion Micro Impact Driver (717709012974) Reviews
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Hitachi WH10DL 10.8-Volt Cordless Lithium Ion Micro Impact Driver (717709012974)

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Apr 20, 2011 (Updated Apr 23, 2011)
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Pros:Small, light, comfortable, well balanced, surprising torque, excellent battery life, 40-minute charging, lifetime tool warranty.

Cons:No on board bit storage.  Made in China.

The Bottom Line:

The WH10DL Micro has surprising power, is extraordinarily comfortable, light, recharges quickly, and has a handy LED light. An excellent tool with an excellent warranty!  Almost rates 5-stars!

The Hitachi WH10DL "Micro" impact driver is an affordable cordless 10.8 volt lithium ion battery powered impact driver that performs well beyond it's diminuitive size.  It features a 10.8 volt (12 volt max) 1.5Ah Lithium Ion battery technology and has a whopping 840 in/lbs of torque, impact feature, an LED light, reversible variable speed (400 rpm max operating speed), and weighs in at a mere 2.2 lbs.  The WH10DL includes two batteries, 40 minute charger, and a nice hard side carrying case. Hitachi offers a lifetime warranty on their Li-Ion cordless tools, and a full 2 year warranty on batteries.

The Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries claim several advantages over the more traditional Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad) types.  Most manufacturers claim that Li-Ion batteries can last 3 times what their NiCad counterparts do.  Another advantage of the Li-Ion batteries over NiCads is that they're smaller and lighter weight for the same voltage, but their most advantage is that they maintain nearly 100% of their power output until the battery is completely depleted.  A NiCad battery begins to lose power gradually as soon as it's removed from the charger, and degrades steadily from there until there's barely enough power turn the spindle.  A NiCad battery that sits for a few months tends to lose nearly all power whether or not it's been used.  Not so with the Li-Ion'll have close to 100% of it's full charge until depleted from use.  The WH10DL seems holds a charge for a very long time while in use, but since I've never run it continuously until dead, I can't really offer a total run time estimate.  It'll go weeks and even months for most typical uses between charges.  An LED signals when the battery is getting low, then the drill simply stops working until a fresh battery is installed.  Since this set comes with two batteries and the charge time is only 40 minutes, it's rare that you'll be left with two dead batteries for long, and in most cases the charge WH10DL will run longer than that per charge.

At 2.2 pounds and a handle with a 5-1/2" circumference, the WH10DL is really comfortable and easy to control.  The best part is that it has surprising power, and the impact feature is something you've got to experience to appreciate.  The impact feature essentially applies a rotational hammering force that kicks in automatically when the driver lugs under load.  That feature adds a tremendous amount of driving ability with much less force than a traditional driver without the impact feature.  The impact feature is also a terrific ally when trying to remove stuck or rusted screws and bolts. I also find that I strip the heads on far fewer screws as a result of the impact driver.   The WH10DL isn't likely to drive long 1/4" lag bolts in hard maple for very long compared to a full 18v heavyweight driver, but it's plenty capable of driving and removing 2" drywall screws in hardwood, deck screws, and most common sizes of threaded fasteners with relative ease, which is exactly what the majority of my needs are.  The manual is bit sparse, but includes the essential basics of proper battery care. 

The WH10DL feels great in hand, runs strong, holds a charge well, and recharges quickly.  There's not much not to like, but I do have one significant complaint...the exclusion of an on-board bit holder is a fairly significant omission, and easily substracts one full star from my overall rating.  It's hard for me to imagine how or why Hitachi would have left out such a convenient and common feature that's found on most other cordless drill drivers. 

My current cordless drill/driver arsenal includes a peppy and heavy NiCad 19.2V Craftsman drill, a NiCad 19.2V Craftsman impact driver, a 12V Hitachi NiCad drill, and a 14.4V NiCad Hitachi impact driver. Of all those, the little Micro is the first driver I reach for most of the time.  It's so comfortable and easy to use, and has ample power for most household driving tasks. The included LED light is a great feature that I find very handy.  Since the little Hitachi uses a 1/4" hex "Quick Change" chuck, bits that are compatible with it must have a 1/4" hex shaft.  Most of my drill bits are the standard cylindrical type that require a standard adjustable chuck, so I tend to reach for a big Craftsman or 12V Hitachi drills for boring holes, and only use the WH10DL for driving and removing fasteners.  

Overall the Hitachi WH10DL Micro is a handy little driver that's easily my favorite.  It's affordable and capable of driving and removing most household fasteners.  Had Hitachi included on-board bit storage, I'd easily give it a 5-Star rating, but even without the bit storage, I still rate it a very solid 4-Stars.

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