Homedics Powerdent Toothbrush with Smart Sensor Model # Pt4rh

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Go Easy On Those Choppers With Homedics Power Dent Power Toothbrush With SmartSensor!

Aug 26, 2002 (Updated Sep 30, 2002)
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Pros:Such a deal! Attractive, easy to use, effective & reasonably priced!

Cons:Slightly thick around base (awkward for some to hold)

The Bottom Line: Homedics PowerDent toothbrush with Smart Sensor is a very smart purchase. Sure, you can spend a lot more, but why?

Homedics Power Dent Power toothbrush will help you keep up with the "Joneses", and have white teeth, and fresh smelling breath, and inexpensively.

I've been feeling guilty as I skipped right on by my regular dental cleaning appointment. I am going to be changing dentists and insurance carriers, so holding off on that. But I have had sensitive teeth/gums since I was about 9 years old, so taking proper care of my teeth is a definite concern. My orthodontist told me at that time, that I'd always have the sensitivity problems. He was right.

I certainly wasn't looking for this product. A couple of us decided to go to a movie, and were killing time before we could purchase our tickets. We meandered into a high end department store so one of my friends could look for a difficult to find kitchen item (she didn't find it). I ran into the Homedics Power Dent Power Toothbrush (PT-4RH) display. I was completely intrigued.

About the Homedics Power Dent Power Toothbrush:

While simply encased in a plastic casing, this is an attractive looking power toothbrush. It comes in white with sea green, white with blue, or white with purple. Two double A alkaline batteries are already in the power toothbrush, and on top of that they include an additional brush head for replacement. It would have been a good deal in my opinion at the MSRP of $7.99, but it was on sale for $4.99! I had to purchase it. I paid for my purchase, stuffed the bag with the toothbrush in my already bulging purse, and we went to the movie. In the middle of the movie I started vibrating! I checked my cellular phone and nothing. The toothbrush had turned itself on. Well, okay, it must have rubbed against something that activated the SmartSensor.

More about the packaging/product:

Once the plastic outer casing is removed you will find a tooth shaped insert of instructions.

Homedics states that the product helps:

* Remove plaque

* Prevent cavities

* Fight gum disease

Their description from the Homedics website:

Battery-operated toothbrush with 2 brush heads. The first battery-operated toothbrush to offer Exclusive Smart Sensor technology - a pressure-sensitive feature that helps protect teeth and gums from the damaging effects of brushing too hard.

*Smart Sensor technology is a pressure-sensitive feature that turns the brush on with the lightest pressure against teeth to help train the user to brush more gently

*Quad Action bristle motion combines rotary action with up-and-down movement to brush away harmful plaque and bacteria
Dentist-recommended soft (DuPont) bristles gently clean teeth

*Ergonomic handle with rubberized grip makes brush easy to hold

Children under 3 use under adult supervision

My experience:

Putting aside my first sort of experience with the toothbrush, I have found it very simple to use. There is absolutely nothing to assemble or plug in. I am a self-proclaimed techno-dummy, so trust me, this involves nothing more than removing it from the plastic casing. Ready to go?First, moisten the toothbrush, add the toothpaste of your choice. Then, when you are ready, flip the switch on the back of the toothbrush to "On". Then touch the toothbrush to your teeth, and apply light pressure. It will immediately start vibrating. It is a little loud, but no louder than very expensive electric toothbrushes I used in the past, and they cost a lot more money than this little gem. Done? Cool. Just switch the arrow to off, and either place on your bathroom counter, or put it in the medicine cabinet until you need it the next time. By the way, though I write with my right hand, I am ambidextrous in a sense. I use my left hand for some things, or I switch off. I am able to use the Homedics Power Dent Power toothbrush either left or right handed.

What do I like:

I love that I can get action like this for such a low price. I think it is great that there are already batteries in the unit, and they included an extra brush head. The instructions explain how to change the brush head when necessary (dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every two to three months).

It works really well, responding to the least bit of pressure, doesn't cause my teeth/gums to bleed (as I do it gently). I am confident that my teeth will be cleaner, my gums healthier over time, and my next dental appointment will be a pleasant one (with a new dentist). It is a heck of a product for a very reasonable price. It seems to be very effective, my teeth look whiter, and feel clean and fresh.

What I don't like:

The handle is made of soft plastic so ergonomic. As I have carpal tunnel it would be better if the handle was not as thick. Additionally, the toothpaste does tend to fly onto your body or clothes if you are not careful. It takes a little getting used to.

Final thoughts and recommendations:

I highly recommend this unit for those who wish to remove plaque, have fresh gums and clean teeth, and not spend a large amount of money. Sure you can spend upwards of $50, and that is fine if that is comfortable for you. However, this unit is a very good alternative, and for a lot less money. You can find it easily online (generally less expensive), or at selected stores (you won't find it everywhere!). Please feel free to email me with questions, comments, or leave a comment with this review. I am giving this product three and a half stars and rounding up to four. It is a really good deal for the cost.

I realized after publishing this review that it is my 300th! I'm still here!


Thanks for reading!


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