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Does your dog pull your arm off on walks?

Jul 30, 2000
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Pros:Gentle, effective, inexpensive

Cons:None I could find

As the owner of a large mixed breed dog, I felt that I needed to be in total control of him at all times when we ventured forth for our evening walk, sniff, and leg hiking sessions. Unfortunately, my 85 pound Doberman collie mix had developed the horrendous habit of pulling on his leash and lunging at every dog we passed in 'his park'. How dare they invade his space? It soon become a very unpleasant chore to walk this otherwise lovable mutt.

Because his terrible lunging and barking caused my husband and I to fight over who got the wonderful privilege of walking Joker, we knew something had to be done and quickly. After having my arm almost pulled out of its socket, I decided I had had enough.

A trip to our local large chain pet store and a walk down the collar and harness aisles led to our purchasing a grey Coastal Holt Harness. It was either that or a pinch choke collar to which I was and still am vehemently opposed.

We couldn't wait to get home and try it out on our unsuspecting big but still a baby dog (even if he is all of 6 years old). We quickly figure out how to put the harness on, snapped his leather lead to it, and set out for his ritual evening walk in the park. We kept waiting for another canine friend to appear, and presto, there she was... a cute Dachshund, wagging her tail and barking. One bark, one lunge, and he stopped. No whining, no pain, no obvious discomfort. He simply stopped pulling.

After using Holt Harness for two weeks, Joker has become a different dog outside. He leaves plenty of slack in the leash, walks quietly at my side, and no longer lunges or barks at the other dogs. I was seriously concerned about the potential of a lawsuit if I ever lost control of this big dog. Now I enjoy the chance to get some exercise in the cool evening air and our pretty neighborhood park.

I have no idea how or why it works. I do know that it cause him no pain, he has never whined while wearing it, he simply appears to dislike the sensation of something pulling against his legs if he lunges or tugs to hard. It is kinder than the choke collar we previously used. I am totally happy with this simple yet innovative product. It is a bargain and well worth the cost.

If your dog tugs at the leash, I would certainly suggest trying the Coastal Holt Harness. It puts the pleasure back in the simple act of walking a big dog and does it in a gentle fashion

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