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Homedics AquaScape Twist Bubble Light BLTW-100

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Look at the colors, man. Today's version of the lava lamp.

Mar 17, 2007
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Pros:Colorful, bubbly, relaxing, fun, easy to set up and use

Cons:Gets really hot, motor hums (but not TOO loudly), needs space

The Bottom Line: A twisting, bubbling tower of color! Great for relaxing or as a conversation piece. Housing gets hot so keep little kids away from the lamp.

I love funky lamps and fountains. I have lava lamps and a couple of swirly wave things that mesmerize me when I am stressed and just need to kick back.

My son bought me a Homedics AquaScape Twist Bubble Light BLTW-100 for my birthday a couple of years ago. I still use it today but it has an issue that I noted only a after a few months of use.

The Lamp

This lamp is a rather strange looking one. It measures 35.5 x 10 x 5.5 inches and sits on a domed black base. It weighs around six pounds and, despite being long and tall, is stable and doesn't tip over unless it is bumped into and knocked over.

Inside is water and … um … stuff. I don't know what the stuff is but it bubbles as it warms like a lava lamp and it twists around, changing colors as it does. There are lots of bubbles as the colors change and the whole thing is pretty cool looking especially in a dark room.

There is a pump for the water and a motor to make the colors twist and move. All that is housed under the plastic dome at bottom of the lamp. Under there, is a switch to change the speed of the bubbles. It's a hassle to pick up the lamp and mess with the switch so I have always left it on the factory default.

The lamp has to be filled with water from the top then, every once in a while, water added to make up for the bubbles and condensation. I have had to "top it off" a few times over the past couple of years and that was a very simple job. The black plastic top pops off, water is added, and the top seals back on with no mess.

The lamp does hum a bit but isn't outrageously loud. My concern is how hot it gets.

My Use

I needed another whacky lamp or "fountain" as this is called like I needed a hole in the head but, I have to admit, this one is quite relaxing and a lot of fun to watch.

Once filled with water and sufficiently warmed, the "stuff" starts to twist and turn and bubble. The colors go from aqua to golden to a pink to purple to a beautiful ocean blue and change slowly. Unlike a lava lamp, the "stuff" doesn't drip and drop in weird patterns. It simply twists and changes colors as the water around it bubbles. It's somewhat like a fish tank in a way. I can become mesmerized by the slow moving twisting and the colors.

In a well lit room, it's a fun lamp to have on and a real conversation piece. People WILL notice the long tube of a lamp changing colors and bubbling. In a dimly lit room, the colors light up the walls and provide a really relaxing atmosphere.

The motor does make a sound as it works but it's not too loud or distracting, although I have found it to be louder now than when I first started using it.

This lamp worked fine for a few months with no issues at all. However, as time passed, I noticed it was very hot to the touch. So hot that it would burn me if I put my hand on the tube for more than a few seconds. That worried me because I obviously worry about fire.

I only use this occasionally so, although it is a couple of years old, it has only maybe 30-40 real uses on it. Usually I will leave it running for an hour or so at a time and, now and then, my kids will switch it on to watch the colors change.

It seems like a simple, almost silly lamp, but really, it is a relaxation aide. It truly does help a wound up mind to relax. You almost can't help becoming mesmerized by the twisting, changing, bubbling pole of a lamp.

The lamp comes with two extra bulbs and I still haven't changed mine and, honestly, don't even know where the bulb is located! I suspect it is packed in with the other stuff under the dome at the bottom.

The light is about as bright as a nightlight. It is by no means too bright to keep on in a dark room if you are resting. I don't sleep with this lamp on because of the heat factor that I mentioned but it doesn't emit so much light that it would interfere with me falling asleep.

In all, this is quite a simple fountain lamp that is relaxing and unique. It's fun for those who like funky lamps (If you like lava lamps, you'll love this one) and fountains and it's good for relaxing.

I am not sure if the tubing being so hot is unique to my lamp or is just standard but it does worry me a bit. Because of this, I only leave the lamp on for an hour or less at a time.

Otherwise, it's fine. I like the colors and bubbles and can live with the hum that motor makes.

Just be sure to place this lamp where it won't get knocked over by animals or kids, as that could be a very messy situation.

Buying Info

Since this was a gift, I am not sure where it was bought or how much was paid. I did a quick search on the net and only a few came up - all sold out. I assume it is still being sold and, if you are interested in buying one, you probably should contact HoMedics to see where it is sold and its current price. I doubt it was more than $30.00 - $35.00. My son wouldn't go crazy and spend more than that on a lamp like this.

Overall Impression

This is a fun, relaxing lamp that can mesmerize you and calm the nerves. It's a good lamp for a den, bedroom, or office.

It's big though, so be sure you have plenty of room for it and it is placed away from kids and animals who could knock it over and break it.

I have had no issues with the motor dying on me or even the light burning out. My only issue is that the lamp gets very hot very fast. I doubt it is a dangerous thing, but I do worry about that. It actually emits heat after being on for an hour or so.

I enjoy the lamp and will continue to use it on occasion. However, because it gets so hot, I have to knock a star off. I am going with 3 stars. It would be a fun, above average fountain lamp if it stayed reasonably cool while running. As it is, it's an average one but I still recommend it. It's the 2000's version of the 60's lava lamp!

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