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Danger Followed an Art Expert in Homeport by Nora Roberts

Apr 14, 2007 (Updated Aug 8, 2009)
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Pros:Interesting and entertaining story with likable main characters.

Cons:Few slower spots.

The Bottom Line: Homeport was another entertaining book by Nora Roberts that her fans should enjoy.

I have been reading and enjoying Nora Roberts’s books for several years. I get her new books when they are published as well as continuing to pick up some of her older books that I haven’t read yet. I just finished reading Homeport.

Dr. Miranda Jones, an art expert, was mugged in her own driveway when she returned home after giving a series of lectures. Right after that her mother, Elizabeth, summoned Miranda to Italy to authenticate a Renaissance bronze sculpture. The only concern Elizabeth showed over Miranda being mugged was that she had to wait to get new identification which would delay her traveling to Italy. The job had the potential to make Miranda’s reputation in the art world. Instead, it was almost destroyed when something went wrong. She received no support from Elizabeth. Her brother Andrew was supportive but he was struggling with his own problems. Miranda ended up receiving help from Ryan Boldari, the owner of a well-known gallery who had a secret or two of his own. The two started a relationship while trying to figure out what was going on and who was threatening Miranda.

Homeport was a romantic suspense book like most of the Roberts books that I’ve read have been. The book also included a little bit of action and violence in a few scenes. The first bit happened when Miranda was mugged within the first few pages of the book. There was only a small amount of violence in the book that wasn’t that graphic. The mystery was connected to whatever had gone on with the bronze in Italy. As the book progressed, it became clear that more was going on and there was a connection to Miranda’s life in Maine. It did take a little while for the connection to be uncovered. The mystery was interesting and I was kept guessing about several things throughout the book.

Art played a very big part in Homeport. I don’t know much about art and know even less about the process to authenticate the pieces, so I have no idea if the book was accurate on those things or not. There were many details shared about the different tests that Miranda performed on the bronze. Details about other things connected to art were also shared. It did seem like Roberts had to do a lot of extensive research for the book. Those sections of the book did move a bit slower. I did think they were interesting and I wasn’t bored with any part of the book.

Miranda and Ryan met somewhat early in Homeport. There was an attraction between them from the beginning. The relationship became complicated when Miranda found out what Ryan’s secret was. They didn’t fully trust each other when they started working together. That didn’t stop them from starting a sexual relationship. There were a few sex scenes between them that were descriptive without being overly graphic. Andrew was involved in a few sexual situations as well. It didn’t detract anything from the mystery and there really were only a few sex scenes in the book. People that don’t enjoy reading those types of scenes may want to pick a different book. Miranda and Ryan’s relationship was important to the book without being the main focus.

In addition to writing contemporary romantic suspense books, Roberts also writes a futuristic romantic suspense series as J.D. Robb. The In Death series follows homicide detective Eve Dallas on her different cases. The books also take some time to deal with her personal life, including her life with her wealthy husband Roarke. I have read and enjoyed all the books in the In Death series. Those books tend to have stronger mysteries and more suspense than her other books. People that have enjoyed one group of her books may also enjoy the other since they were written by the same person. Roberts has written one book, Remember When, that has Roberts and Robb credited as authors. The book started in current times and then concluded in Eve’s time. The two sections of the book were connected by a mystery. Eve’s part of Remember When took place between Imitation in Death and Divided in Death.

Miranda loved her work and had been very successful. She was very meticulous with her work, especially when testing a piece. She was convinced that she hadn’t messed up the tests for the bronze and Italy and she was determined to figure out what had happened. She had a tendency to keep her emotions hidden and kept a distance from most people. That was mainly because of how her mother had treated her and expected her to act.

Ryan was very charming and kind even when it wasn’t always clear why he was saying or doing something. He had his own sense of right and wrong that other people may not agree with. He was very determined when he made up his mind about something. Andrew worked with his sister at the art institute their family owned. He was struggling to deal with a few things. He was still having some issues over his divorce even though that had been final for a while. His ex-wife, Elise, also worked in the art field and still worked closely with Elizabeth in Italy.

Elizabeth was a very cold woman who kept her emotions hidden at all times. She expected perfection in every aspect of her life, including from her children. She was not a kind, loving mother and really never had a kind word to say to her children. She had a closer relationship with Elise even though the woman had divorced Andrew. Elizabeth and Charles didn’t have a loving marriage. They spent most of their time apart, only being together when they felt like they had to make a public appearance together.

Homeport was another entertaining that I really enjoyed. Fans of Nora Roberts should enjoy it.

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