I Can't Stay Away from a lot of what The Veronica's have to offer.

Mar 17, 2009
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Pros:Some energetic, fun pop. Nice voices and good songs for the older teen market.

Cons:A few songs never really make a big impression

The Bottom Line: The Veronica's is a great album for the late teens/early twenty set yet still accessible enough that others might enjoy it as well.

In my whole time reviewing CD’s I have discovered different acts in a variety of ways. Perusing the library, pivotal moments on TV shows, Rhapsody surfing, recommendations from friends are all ways I have discovered new music. Lately I have been participating in my new addiction called MySpace Karaoke and they have contests. So when they posted a contest by a group called The Veronicas I decided to learn the song (since I’ve never heard it) and give it a shot. While I’m pretty sure I won’t win I discovered a fun group of two Australian girls who happen to be twins and also happen to be pretty talented. They are yet another entry to the whole girl rocker/pop friendly image that has dominated the teen market since Avril Lavigne made everything so “Complicated” and Michelle Branch gave us “Everything” early this decade. So how do The Veronicas stack up to the numerous other acts on the scene?

Pretty good actually. While I am not exactly the demographic meant for this album I still can enjoy and even remember a little teenage angst when needed. So I can still make a connection to songs about breakups, cheaters and teenage love gone haywire even though the actual experiencing it seems to be long behind me now. This duo puts a lot of emotion and energy into their songs and all the arrangements crackle with electricity from beginning to end.

The song I did for the contest is “Take Me On The Floor” which is one of the few songs on the album I wouldn’t let my daughter listen to. It’s the most provocative as the girls sing a slinky, come on against a backdrop that delivers all the most radio friendly aspects of disco, new wave and rock. It’s a fun song as the girls beckon some guy to satisfy them right there and then. The song is pretty amazing and I can imagine that it would be a great song to just let go to in the dance clubs. There is a relentless throb pulsing underneath the percolating synthesizers and the seductive vocals. “Hook Me Up” pulses beckoningly against a hybrid new wave/dance jam that reminds me a bit of The Cars for some reason. The song grew on me after several listens. After listening to the album I realized I had heard “Goodbye To You” although I have no idea where. The song is peppy and more purely pop than anything else on the album. This is one of the more ordinary songs and I don’t think it shows their abilities off like some of the other tracks.

I absolutely think “I Can’t Stay Away” with its ominous, foreboding opening and stark vocals is amazing. The song manages to be catchy and brooding all in one track. For some reason I think of the book Twilight every time I hear this song. There is this hint of danger and forbidden love that permeates the whole song. They sound like a slightly more Emo version of The Corrs. “Untouched” combines the elegant exclamation of synth hits against a more techno background as the girls almost rap. It’s a cool little song. “Popular” channels a little of the school playground stomp and strut that songs like “Hollaback Girl” popularized but gives it a more electronica landscape. It’s a fun song. Actually it’s like a teen bratty version of “Milkshake” by Kelis as they diss all the vacantly popular girls.

There are some pretty ballads in the midst of all the drama. “Someone Wake Me Up” is a very accomplished pop moment with just the right amount of anguish to be moving but not inspire eye rolling. The song seems pretty real as one of the girls address the fact that the other half of her shattered relationship will have to see her at some point. “In Another Life” is downright tender with some piano and a beautiful vocal as well. “Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were” isn’t quite a ballad but its close enough. The song builds in intensity with a thumping beat, rolling guitar and engorged synthesizers. The song once again rides that fine line of over dramatic perfectly.

There are some weaker, less engaging tracks on this little hybrid romp to be sure. “I Don’t Want To Wait” is pretty repetitive and doesn’t have a strong hook like some of the other songs. There are some harmonies that make it a little more spiffy at times with classical inspired strings floating through delicately. Yet overall the song doesn’t have as much impact. “All I Have” didn’t captivate me either. The song doesn’t have a very strong hook and fizzles out when it gets to chorus. “This Is How It Feels” just doesn’t work for me as well either. It has a frantic bop to it but the actual vocals never match the energy so it just seems odd.

Overall, I was happy to discover The Veronicas. This little duo has made an impression to me with their strong vocals and interesting blending of different genres into an energetic little album. While I wouldn’t listen to them all the time I definitely think they are one of the more talented newer acts I’ve heard. Give them a shot.

1. Untouched (4)
2. Hook Me Up (4)
3. This Is How It Feels (2)
4. This Love (3)
5. I Can’t Stay Away (5)
6. Take Me To The Floor (5)
7. I Don’t Wanna Wait (3)
8. Popular (4)
9. Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were (4)
10. Someone Wake Me Up (5)
11. All I Have (2)
12. In Another Life (4)
13. Goodbye To You (3)

Average 3.69

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