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Hoover Platinum Collection F8100900 Upright Cleaner

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Hoover Platinum Max Extract Review

Mar 2, 2011 (Updated Jan 28, 2012)
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Pros:Cleans Carpets well, Fast Drying time

Cons:beater brush is hard to clean.

The Bottom Line: I am excited to own the Hoover Platinum Max Extract. It does a better job than any other cleaner I have had.

I have been looking for Carpet Shampooers for quite some time now. I have a small bissell upright quick steamer. That was fine for small spots but it did not have a mechanical brush and just not enough power to really deep clean. I have a couple Bissell Vacuum Cleaners that I love so I first looked at the Bissell Carpet Cleaners and they just did not look like they were worth the money and each one had something missing or something I did not like. I started looking at the Hoover Max Extract Cleaners and reading reviews and really liked them. The thing I liked was that they had a row of rotating brushes instead of just the beater bar brush like the Bissell machines. I was pushed over the edge when I looked at the Hoover Platinum Max Extract F8100900.

Why I chose the Hoover Platinum Max Extract
The Platinum Max Extract by Hoover offers not only the beater bar rotating brush like the bissell machine but also the row of brushes like the other Hoover Max Extract Carpet cleaners. The Row of brushes is in the front and the beater bar is in the back, so this thing really gets your carpets deep down clean. I did my research online and bought it on amazon with their free super saver shipping. This was the best deal I could find and did not end up having to pay tax so I saved that as well. Some stores wanted $400 for this and I ended up getting it for around $320 including shipping.

What is in the box - Putting it together

Along with the Hoover Platinum Max Extract F8100900 you get three onboard tools. A hand held crevice tool, a hand held turbo type brush with a turning brush like the ones under the cleaner. and a standard upholstery brush. In addition to this they start you off with some detergent for the cleaner.

It is really easy to put the Hoover Platinum Max Extract together using only 2 screws. The clean water and dirty water tanks are removable as well as the spinning brush row on the bottom.

Cleaning Carpets
The Hoover Platinum Max Extract does an amazing job cleaning the carpets and is pretty easy to do. On the front of the machine there are several different settings, much like a washing machine so that you can clean different areas with different strength. The brushes can be set on two settings. You can run it with the brushes off. You can also rinse only. I love that!

Filling and Emptying the tanks

When you fill the clean water tank there is a section for the cleaner and another for water, so the two stay separate. I like this compared to my other carpet cleaner that you had to mix the detergent right into the water and then if you wanted to rinse you had to dump out the soapy water and put in fresh. With the Hoover Platinum Max extract you can clean for a couple passes and then rinse right away without changing water tanks.

To empty the tank is not hard but you have to be careful when you carry it so that you do not slosh it over the side. There is a light indicator that tells you when tanks need to be filled/emptied.

Cleaning Solution

The detergent does a nice job but I also tried using just vinegar which I have done in the past and thought it did about the same job at a fraction of the cost.

Light, and Stain Sprayer
While cleaning your carpet there is a blue light that shines out in front. It is supposed to help you see spots on the carpet, but frankly it is not really that helpful and more just a space age looking feature. There is a spot spray nozzle on the front where you can spray full strength detergent on a spot. This is helpful and worthwhile.

Heated drying
On feature that the Hoover Platinum Max Extract has is a heated blower that is supposed to help speed drying time. I am not sure if it really does anything more than the unit would do on it's own because it really does suck the water from the carpet better than any other machine I have tried. I guess it can't hurt but think it might just be a fancy gimmick.

Cleaning Stairs
While the Hoover Platinum Max Extract has a hose and power brush attachment for stairs I will not be trying this. I would rather use a smaller unit that can sit on the stairs rather than risking this expensive unit takes a tumble down my stairs. Unless you just have a couple steps and can keep the unit firmly on the floor I do not suggest you try to do the stairs with it.

Cleaning Furniture

Cleaning Furniture with the Hoover Platinum Max Extract is easy and works quite well. I prefer the upholstery brush to the one that spins because it seems to get the water up better. If you have a big spot though the spin brush might be helpful The attachments are easy enough to change out so you could use both as needed. To be honest though I bought this to do carpets and besides trying it out, I do not plan on cleaning my furniture with it.

Clean up and storage.
Having had other carpet cleaners in the past I realize that the key to keeping them working and problem free is often in how well you clean them before you put them away. The Hoover Platinum Max Extract is no different. If you want it to last then clean it out and let it dry before putting it away to store it.

Most of it comes apart to take parts to the sink to clean them. You may want to use a utility room sink or bathtub to contain dirt. The row of brushes come off the bottom and after pulling off any dirty and carpet fibers and discarding them wash and rinse them well and set them out to dry. Unfortunately the beater brush is not removable without taking the whole thing apart. It is sort of like the beater bar in your vacuum cleaner. This thing really works so tip it down after you remove all tanks and the other brushes and do your best to remove any gunk that is stuck to the beater brush. This is probably my only con for this machine. They should have made the cleaner so both brushes could be easily removed for cleaning.

After you have cleaned everything, make sure to pull any dirt from the intake area or tubing. rinse out everything that can be rinsed and leave it to dry thoroughly before putting it back together.

Quick Stats
Brush Speed   2 SPEED
Motor Amps   12 AMP
Brushroll Shutoff   Y
Cord Length   30 FT
Hose Length   96 IN
Nozzle Width   13.25 IN
Powered Hand Tool   Y
Product Hand Weight   28.5 LB
Clean Water Capacity   128 OZ
Dirty Water Capacity   96 OZ

Durability and Warranty

The Hoover Platinum max extract comes with a six year warranty! Of course I have only been using it a short time so I can not comment on how durable it is but I will be back to update if there is anything new to report

Update Nov 28th 2011

I just wanted to stop in and say a few words about this carpet cleaner now that I have used it a few times. I still have concerns about the delicate plastic parts but so far nothing has broken. The machine has been working great and cleans like a professional. My old machine I had to go over and over things to get them clean and then it left my carpet wet for days.

Keeping the Platinum Max Extract clean has not been hard. It's easy to empty and get everything cleaned out. The only thing that is a pain is that I have to leave all the parts laying around in my laundry room until they dry out before putting the machine back together and storing it.

All in all I love this machine. The only shortcoming is the design of the hand brush. The cleaner/water sprays out behind the brush and for doing upholstry it can be a little ineffective. To me they should have made the water spray out closer to the brushes.

Thanks for reading my review

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