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Sep 30, 2013
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Pros:Small, convenient, works well if you read instructions carefully.

Cons:Easy to misuse, not a professional grade tool

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this as a tool to clean small spot stains on carpet and upholstery.  With practice it can be used on bigger jobs.

I purchased my Hoover Spot Scrubber Multi-Surface Cleaner (Model FH10025) at a well-known nationwide brick and mortar seller.  My intention was to use it for occasional spills and especially messes anticipated with having a new dog.
The unit is fairly large for a spot unit, at about ~18 inches high, 12 inches wide and about 10 inches from front to back, including cord and accessory storage.  It comes with a ~10 foot cord, a ~4 foot cleaning hose and two attachments: one for upholstery/carpet and one for hard surfaces/floors.
The top flips open to reveal a "clean" container for the water/detergent mixture, and a "dirty" container to hold the liquid extracted from the area cleaned. These lock together and can be carried with a single handle. Included are two sample size detergents, one for each floor type, which are each good for perhaps 5-10 cleanings, depending on how strong you make your solution.
It is very important with this unit to read the manual thoroughly to get good results. I think most of the problems people have with this unit are from not reading the manual. Failure to set the clean container on the base properly can cause leaks, and running past the maximum fill line on the dirty container can cause a temporary loss of suction.  One really big thing to remember is the need (if the spray stops working) to prime the spray nozzle by holding the wand on the floor, with the unit off and the trigger depressed, until some water drips out. This is most frequently a problem when cleaning upholstery that is above the unit, and then right after a water change. 
Another beef I have heard is that the spray goes all over the place.  That is only a problem if you are holding the unit at the wrong angle - when cleaning upholstery the hard plastic portion where the wand attaches should be parallel to the object being cleaned.  If this is so, you can spray and vacuum with one long motion and clean an object in strips about 3" wide with very little overspray. 
I have cleaned 4 or 5 messes with this unit in the past year, and I am writing this review after cleaning a twin size foam mattress that my dog made a mess on.  It took about a half hour, one tank of detergent mix, and 2 tanks of clean (Hot!) water, to clean/rinse this bed (I cleaned it with the mattress propped against a wall to prevent the solution from soaking deep inside).  I am pleased with the amount of suction for such a small unit, and with the cleaning job that the Hoover Spot Scrubber did. It pulled out dirt where the mattress didn't even look dirty.  I have 2 fans running to dry out that mattress and hope it will be dry by tomorrow morning.
Try this unit on some small, inconspicuous areas before you try to use it on a piece of expensive furniture like a bed.  Like any tool, it takes some trial and error to learn how to use it best.

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