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Dec 13, 2007 (Updated Dec 13, 2007)
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Pros:Great for wood floors.

Cons:Not so good on tile.

The Bottom Line: No chemical odor and doesn't leave a sticky slippery mess behind.

Mopping floors is right up there with washing windows. I really hate to do it. Maybe tomorrow. Yes, it can definitely wait.

I have found that the cleaner that is used on floors can have a lot to do on how well the floors look and smell. Some mopping products go down thick and become sticky and flake. Many floor cleaners that are poured into a bucket of water and slathered on the floor do a good job at cleaning but leave a dull splotchy look behind. It also leaves a horrendous chemical smell that burns the nose and leaves an unpleasant odor in the room for some time.

I got a bottle of FloorMate Floor-to-Floor basically because I needed it for the Hoover Wet Vac. The cleaner is safe for all hard-floor cleaning machines, not just Hoover's. The product is recommended for sealed wood, linoleum, no-wax terrazzo, marble, vinyl and glazed ceramic floors.

I love using FloorMate because it has a neutral smell. The smell doesn't doesn't irritate the eyes or burn the nose. The fragrance is so mild that I can mop just before guest arrive and have the benefit of a clean floor without having the offensive cleaning smell. I'm not going to say it smells good because it's not a particularly pretty smell but it doesn't stink.

I have only seen 48 ounce bottles. The bottle is plastic and has a built-in handle for easy pouring. The bottle is light and has a sturdy handle which makes it easy to control the bottle. I only need 2 ounces at a time to be poured into the lid of the water container. The lid is large and twists off easily.

One thing that I love about the bottle is it is thin and short so it fits nicely on my shelf. The purple lid makes it easy to identify if it's sitting in a box.

If I could change something about the bottle I would put a window down the side so it would be easy to determine how much of the product is left. I don't have a substitute solution so I don't want to run out. I usually buy two at a time since they're easy to store.

Finding and buying
FloorMate can be found at stores like Wal-mart and Target. It is located in the the same isle with the vacuum and carpet cleaners. I ordered my last bottles on Amazon for $7.00.

Contains anionic and nonionic surfactants.

My Experience
So is it the cleaner solution that I like or is the cleaning machine that is getting my floors clean? To test this theory I used just water in the cleaner and and gave it an unbiased look. The floor looked dull and didn't remove the shoe scuffs. The floor was streaked and definitely didn't look like it was mopped. So my answer is yes, it solution does a pretty good job of cleaning the floor.

The solution doesn't do very good on dried food spots. It loosens them up and eventually removes it but far from amazing. At $7 a bottle I don't want to waste a lot of solution on one spot. A scrub brush or rag makes more sense on stubborn spots. Another benefit is that this product won't stain the rags or ruin the rest of the wash. Rubber gloves aren't necessary and the smell of the solution doesn't linger on hands.

The nice thing is the floor doesn't have be be rinsed with water after the solution goes on which is good because it already takes a very long time to mop the floors. I was suspicious about build up since the product is not rinsed off but I've never noticed build up. One of the reasons that I prefer this product over other mopping products in general is because the FloorMate cleaner does not leave behind a greasy slippery feel to it on tile or wood.

I did a stupid thing and experimented with Mop and Glo and it left a film and flakes on the wood floor. It took a few mopping to get that mess up with a little scrubbing assistance. I've noticed that it doesn't take up sticky things like syrup and honey. It did immediately eliminated the stickiness of juice that sat overnight in just one pass. Crayon marks also take a little more effort to remove.

I'm pleased with the product on wood floors but not so impressed on tile floors. Do not use the product on wood floors that are not sealed. Perhaps the tile floors would have been easier to clean if they were sealed. The biggest problem that I had was that it did not whiten the grout.

Sometimes you'll hear a person call the 5 seconds rule if they drop something on the floor. They feel the floor is clean enough that it would be safe to still eat the item that fell on the floor. I assure you this product won't tempt anyone to call the 5 seconds rule. The FloorMate solution works the best when it is used on a regular basis before the floor gets filthy. It is not industrial strength. When I had tile floors I used it for the in between days for spot cleaning but wouldn't even be consider for use when a thorough cleaning was needed. I would give the product three stars for use on tile.

I am more impressed with the performance on wood floors. It's much more effective on wood floors than traditional mopping options. I seems to be a gentle product that I feel comfortable with and don't have to worry about it destroying the floor with everyday use.

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