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Apr 29, 2008
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Pros:Cleans floors really well and leaves them sparkling.

Cons:Heavy and a pain to clean up after using it.

The Bottom Line: If you have a large space over 1000 sq. ft., then this product would be worth lugging out every week or couple days.

I have dark tile floors and was looking for an easier way to clean them without leaving streaks. The Hoover SpinScrub is a great product and it does everything is says it will do. The Hoover SpinScrub will wash, vacuum and dry all non-carpeted hard surfaces. Seven scrubbing brushes cover a 15-inch cleaning path, and the dual tank design allows you to have separate tanks for clean and dirty water so you don't put dirty water on clean floors.

Some Features:

- Easy-select dial allows you to choose the mode with the flick of your wrist
- Folding handle for easy assembly and compact storage
- Separate tanks for the cleaning solution and for pickup so you never put dirty water back on your floor
- Fingertip trigger control lets you control where, when and how much cleaning solution you apply
- Specially designed interchangeable SpinScrub and grout brushes get stubborn grout clean
- 15-inch removable nozzle helps you finish the job quickly and clean up easily
- Portable detail kit with convenient tools including a grout tool for spot cleaning both the floor and shower tile grout; and a telescoping wand with swivel nozzle to get into tight spaces, like behind the toilet
- Cleaning solutions included: specially formulated Hoover Grout and Hoover Floor-to-Floor cleaners
- The handle can fold down for easier storage
- Heated cleaning
- Brushroll can be on or off

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being hardest, this vacuum was a 2 in terms of assembling the pieces. There was a lot of foam and cardboard stuck in places like the brushes, and lots of unwrapping many pieces and then learning how to fill the water and solution bins and snapping on the brush. It really wasn’t bad but did take about 10 minutes to get it all set up. It is nice how the handle can fold down so you can store it under a shelf or table.

As I was reading the manual it said something about how using this product can cause cancer. Alarmed, I called the customer service line and asked if there is another solution I could use. He told me the warning is not for the cleaning solution but for the actual vacuum. Confused, I asked him to explain and he said California has very strict laws about warnings and if something has even a trace of lead or another possibly toxic chemical, then they have to put that warning on. He said there really is no harm in using the vacuum. I believe him but just thought it was strange that a vacuum could cause cancer.

The dry vacuum works pretty well with picking up all sizes of dust and particles on the floor. It was better than I expected. The wet vacuum works like most steam vacuums. You squeeze a trigger on the handle and the cleaning solution squirts onto the floor, the spinning brushes either scrub or the pad gently washes the floor and then it will suck up the leftover solution and heat will help dry the floor. This works really well and the floors came out shiny and the smell was very clean and fresh.

The only reason I returned this product is because the amount of work to get it out (it is heavy…about 20 pounds), fill up the tanks, clean all the tanks, let it air dry and then drag it back to it storage area. For the small area I was cleaning, it just seemed like too much work for it to pay off (about 700 sq. ft.). I could run a microfiber dry mop over everything and then use a cleaning spray with the microfiber mop in half the time it took to set the Hoover up. I really liked the fact that I wasn’t pushing dirty water or solution around the floor and really was getting a good cleaning with the Hoover, but for such a small space it wasn’t worth the trouble of lugging the thing out. If you have a large area of hard floors (1000 + sq. ft.), I can see how this product would be a lifesaver. It really makes your floors sparkling clean, shiny and clean smelling. Great product!

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