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Aug 24, 2009
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Pros:White sock test, fast drying, lightweight, efficient, gentle, easy-to-use, affective, relatively inexpensive, good customer support.

Cons:Cleaner expensive, leaks when tilted, suction not too powerful, a little messy, no light

The Bottom Line: I still love it despite its minor downsides. It's fun. I don't regret it. True results you can see and feel-- coming from a clean person with already "clean floors".

If you hate scrubbing, sore backs, love cleanliness and electronic 'toys', then this spinscrub is for you.  I've looked up and researched many different kinds of mops: scrub mops, swiffer mops, steam mops, squeeze mops, foam mops, and nothing did the trick or gave me what I wanted.  My floors still felt dirty or sticky and I could go through 3 wet swiffer pads and still have a residue on my porcelain 3/8" inch grouted tiles.  The vacuum is very light; about 10-15 lbs. depending on if you have full water tanks or not.  I was able to clean about 500 sqft of hard floor surface without having to change the cleaner solution tank.  I also have brand new brazilian cherry wood floors that I'm very careful with.  My typical routine before buying the spinscrub consisted of first, vacuuming, then swiffer the dust with dry pads, then oiling with a padded stick broom.  It took forever!  Great workout, but no thanks.  With this though, you get it all in one step.  It's easy to assemble and figure out of the box.  There is some preparation, however, every time you get started.  There's measuring of solution, and scrub brushes to exchange (one for tile one for wood floor).  You could keep the brushes for both surfaces, but based on the brush structure, you'd get better results if you switched them out.  The "washing feature" meaning, the scrub brushes spin, are very gentle, which I prefer on my wood floors.  But it may require going over a stubborn stain a bit more to get it all up. It does take some patience and time and a lot of back and forth motion, really working an area, but I had no problems with my back as I'm able to easily do this standing straight up. 

Be prepared to spend time with applying the wet solution with the trigger, washing it, and then making sure it's all picked up with the "wet pickup" feature.  Sometimes I can't see where there is still water left behind on my wood floors and that worries me.  I have to constantly get in a viewing angle to see where I may have missed a spot.  Also, the trigger function and water spray is not as clear as the swiffer wet jet where you get that reassuring "whoosh-bzzz" sound and can see the spray as it's happening.  You don't really know how much solution you're spraying with this one since it's happening underneath, and also because the machine sucks up the solution as it washes and scrubs even when not on the "wet pickup" feature. Plus, it's too loud to hear what you're spraying.  There's a slight delay, too, from when you hit the trigger and then it finally travels through the tubes and emerges.  Good news is you can always swirl it around with the brushes once it does come out.  It pretty much gets dispersed if you spray, then move it around, so I don't feel like I'm wasting too much solution (although I wish I could fully control the "sucking").  I wish that perhaps there was a little feature like a light of some sort too, to help you see where you've sprayed. 

Don't tilt the machine with the solution still in will leak all over.  I learned that the hard way when I was trying to switch brushes mid-way, put the machine flat on its back and left the solution tanks inside.  This may be an electrical hazard too, so be careful!  Take the tanks out and unplug the thing if you're switching the brushes.

There is a filter inside that is reuseable and washable.  You may need to replace it after several years as only a few uses already makes it slightly brown despite rinsing.

Measuring the solution can be a little messy too.  It gives you up to a two ounce measuring cup that's a part of the solution tank (doubles as a lid), but the 2oz is all the way at the top, so pouring a really full little cup into the little opening is not the most graceful.  I only pour 1 oz at a time now.

Also, make sure all the pieces mentioned in the manual are actually IN THE BOX.  My box arrived from Walmart without an extension wand.  I had to call Hoover, and they were great.  I just gave them my address and they sent me a new one, no questions asked.  But it was still a little annoying to find that a piece was missing!

Make sure you've ordered the Hoover SpinScrub with tools and caddy (model 2060. 2030 comes without).  Don't expect to get all the accessories unless this is specifically mentioned in the item description. I've seen the unit sold separately elsewhere on other sites.

The grout cleaner is a little iffy too.  The tool and cleaner is definitely geared more towards this specific task, but I didn't get the greatest results. I may just have stubborn stains, I don't know.  I did this on my kitchen floors where the tinted grout was never sealed.  I will have to probably try this again.  I have not tried this for the bathroom, although I imagine that will be a great time to use this as I've heard friends who bought this use it for this.

The dry vac option is really only so so.  Don't expect to get very clean high pile carpeting on this feature as you're not really supposed to use the brushes or "wash" feature on carpeting.  That is for hard floors only.   You could potentially use the dry vac stage on carpeting, but it will be like a over-grown loud dustbuster. It's comparable to a low voltage dirt devil.  I will have to stick to my original plain vacuum that has brush action to vacuum and fluff my carpeting and my little portable spotbot to wet vac stains on fabrics.  The other downside is, the spinscrub is a bit high-pitched and loud.  I only feel comfortable using it with noise canceling ear buds since you will be running it for a long period of time if you have lots of hard floor surfaces like I do.

In the end though, the floors underfoot feel so very clean, and emptying the thick coffee colored dirt tank is very satisfactory.  I also feel comfortable using a diluted form of other cleaners (like all purpose cleaners, or my own concoctions) rather than sticking to the overpriced specific cleaners they want you to buy.  I checked the ingredients and they're no different than say a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner.  They say you should only use the spinscrub on wood if you DON'T have any gaps or cracks and if your floors are finished with polyurethane coatings as this like any water may damage your wood permanently and slowly overtime and you should never ever use steam (this is not a steam mop, by the way).   But my joints are pretty tight, so I feel about 95% confident it's safe for my floors, and I'm very picky.  It also says, don't use solvent cleaners in this vacuum.  It doesn't really explain why, but after researching to figure out what the heck solvent cleaners are, it's basically like pinesol or vinegar or simple green.  Anything that's a degreaser, don't use.  There are other options like minwax.  Simple green does make a solvent free cleaner too.  Safe to say that you should just search for solvent free wood cleaner if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Hoover floor-to-floor cleaner they make you use.

I like the compact feature that allows you to fold the handle. The tool caddy this particular box comes with, has kind of an awkward shape.  The caddy is not really something I find useful for me although I like the tools.  There's no hose already attached to the unit like I am used to with my old vacuum, so that's a bit inconvenient if you want to quickly vacuum a crevice and switch to a hose.  You have to take the hose off the caddy and "plug" it into the side of the vacuum and then all the suction and air is switched through the hose.  This is especially inconvenient given this vacuum is called the "wide path" so I can't even get in between the tub and toilet without having to change to the hose and go through that process of changing it.

Also, it should be mentioned in terms of suction power, the brush tool has to be separately inserted on the side, and the opening of the tube and into the machine is not that big, about the size of a half dollar coin. The opening on the front of the machine (no hose, just regular vacuum width front) the suction area is so thin, it wouldn't suck up a small leaf. A clump of fur will never make it. The brush on the tool might help pick up hair on the couch though, but I can imagine you'd just be picking off the hair with your fingers and it would be a waste of time. Better to go with those rubber mits that specialize in picking up fur from upholstery if you have a lot of shedding pets. This vacuum is good for picking up the residuals the dog or cat brings in from the outside which is what not really any other mops or vacuums I know of can do. The ground in dirt hidden on your hard floor surfaces can only be cleaned with some kind of water and suction.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase even given a few of the down sides because most of all, it's a fun toy to use and it does do what I wanted, and once I get the hang of it, I'm sure I'll be able to clean much faster and more efficiently than before.  Don't expect that this will replace all your vacuums and mops, though.  I will still hang onto my plain stick mop that I use to oil the wood floors with special waxes, or for a quick fix like dry swiffering before guests arrive.

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