Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel - Green - Upright Cleaner Reviews

Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel - Green - Upright Cleaner

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Affordable and smart sucker!

Jan 25, 2011 (Updated Jun 30, 2011)
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Pros:Retractable, Affordable, and Smart

Cons:Lack of lights, flat on/off switch

The Bottom Line: It is affordable, convenient and smart, you won't mess up your cords again

Before I began, I would like to emphasize that vacuum may be one of the household items that needs to be upgraded or changed every few year.  I remember I did write a review about vacuum few years back.  Unfortunately, that one broke.    Well, it came to its life time.  There may be few reasons why it died.  Anyway, I found new love.  This fourth vacuum I got with some improvement comparing to my last vacuum.  Read on.....

First, I thought everything would come in a box.  I got this vacuum from mail order, and it is a big long box just like you get it from the store.   When I opened it, I saw parts in it.  Okay, it is assemble time.  But it is really a piece of case, you don't even need to read the manual that comes with the box.  In less than 2 mins, you can figure it out everything and attach everything in one big piece.


Price is really the first thing I was looking for.  Since I may need to change vacuum, say.. every 3 to 4 years. I do not want to invest too much on the vacuum.  Yet, I am looking for some vacuum with high technology designed, plus it is affordable.    I finally found it.  I have used Hoover vacuum before, the previous that broke was a fact, but that didn't drive me away from going the same brand.  As you know, when you do vacuuming, you tend to suck all the hairs to the vacuum and that may cause the problem of vacuum such as damaging the motor, the belt and so on.  However, this one I found is very affordable, and I found some feature that will avoid some of the problems and hopefully it will last more than 4 years.  As far as price goes, for merely $98.00, I got this vacuum and I was satisfied with its performance.  There are few features that my previous vacuums do not have which I think it is worth purchasing.

Major Features

Other than price, there are few features that I want to focus in this vacuum.  

Bagless -I don't think I will ever go for any bagged vacuum in my life.  Why?  Simply about saving the tree and more importantly it is saving money.   Vacuum bags do cost money over time.  Bagless comes in very handy; and all you need to do is open and dump the dirt and dust in your regular garbage bag (or along with other garbage), there is no need to buy extra bag just for that.
Retractable power-cord - Oh, I love this feature.  It is one of the reasons I got this vacuum instead of the others and my previous vacuums do not have this feature either.    For other vacuum, I know you can tie or roll it up on the side of it, but there are times when I did it too quick or too sloppy, the wire will either be twisted up or/and damage the wire itself.  One time, I had to put some electrical tape over it because of accidental broke the skin of the wire.    With the retractable power cord, all you need to do is press the latch or piece of plastic like metal and the cords will be rewind and rolled back inside of the vacuum.  To use, you simply pull it, and you will see two labels at almost the end, yellow and red.  When you see the yellow label, you should stop pulling or you will break the vacuum.  This warning feature is nice.  Every time I have done my vacuum, one press, and all those tedious wire will be gone.

Warning sign -  On top of the vacuum, you will see the indicator. If it turns red, that is giving you two warnings.  A.  Your vacuum is full or  B. You need to clean your HEPA (HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR) Filter. By the way, the filter is clothe like material and it is easier to clean.   
Minor or common features
Cleaning Areas:- Bare Floor  and Carpets 
Just like other vacuum, you can turn the knob on top of the vacuum base. The higher the number, the more sucking power will use.

Weight:- 16.5lbIt is about 17 pounds heavy.  Well, there is not much you can avoid. After all, what is heavy is the motor. The only time you have to carry with problem is to the stairs.  But 17 pounds, I am sure most people can handle it.
Power Level:-  There are five levels you can set, from floor to think carpet.  It is all done in the dial on the main part of the vacuum.

Flexibility :- i would say that it is standard due to the fact that the vacuum part is huge.  You can't bend too much when you want to clean under your bed.  But in case, you will need cleaning tools to assist you.

Power:- 12 Amp.
It will draw 12amp in electricity.  The noise is just like the other vacuum. You will hear motor noise.  It is normal.  How powerful it is you may ask? If I say, it is more powerful than the other one, that would be a lie.  New things tend to be better and powerful because of the fact that no debris, hairs are caught in the vacuum.  However, I think the sucking power is standard just like all other power vacuum.  You should not worry about not able to suck anything at all.  

Upright Hose:With Hose
Attachment Type:- Brush · Wand · Vacuum Crevice Tool · Extension Hose
All above are basically common features of all vacuum.  They have to be there for you to clean up special and out of reach area.
Cord length - 27 ft while those hose can reach 8 ft with extension attached.
Warranty - 2 years. 

It is pretty standard in terms of warranty.  Like I said before, vacuum breaks easier than other household appliance because of hair getting stuck in the vacuum that may cause malfunction of the vaccum.

Other differences

Now that you read the main/major and common features of the vacuum; I would like to explore more on different features in this vacuum.


Green - You won't miss it if you go to the store or order on line.  Green color means saving the environment.  Bagless fits into this color.  Maybe green color will encourage you to clean more?!

Locked in feature - My previous vacuums do not have that features at all.  It may seem tedious in the beginniing, but once you get used to it, you will know how useful this is.  Basically, you have to snap right in for the hose that goes into the vacuum base; press the top button to open the HEPA filter for cleaning; press and turn to release the waste container.    
-----Different Features----- 
 Light - My other vacuum had some lights in the front.  It was pretty handy in some case, instead of turn on and off the room light for second of sucking, lights were turned on automatically.  However, this one just does not offer this feature.   But look at the bright side, you get one less accessory to worry about - changing light bulb.
Switch - for the past vacuums I had, the switch was on the side, but this one is in the middle where the hand is and it is flat in.  Sometimes I had to fumble to find it to switch on and off.

Service:  Problem with your vaccum?
In the back of your vaccum, it has hoover toll free number, you can ask them about question or concern about your vaccum and it says do not retore to the store.  One day, I realized my vaccum does not suck any more.  I feel frustrated because I had it bought new.  So, I called them hoping that they will fix it somehow or replace. 

The advice I got was good.  My vaccum stops sucking and the motor turned off by itself after certain minutues.  And I found out that the reason is the hose is clogged badly.  The guy on the phone told me that that is the reason for vacuum not sucking.   And I cleaned the hose (did few unscrew) and va la, it worked!!  Maybe my previous vaccum had the same problem and didn't even know it. 

My final thoughts

I do not advise people to keep changing vacuum, but if you have to due to the fact that things will break over time due to debris, hair, dirt stuck in the vacuum, belts may break, handle may break, motor may break, all those factors may be the reason you need to change a vacuum.  You want to try this because this is affordable, and it comes with two years warranty.  Take good care of it, it may last more than 5 years.    I bought extra belts this time in just I need to change it.  I also retained my hoses from my previous vacuum.  They are pretty standard and I can suck area that is higher such as high ceiling area.    I recommend this vacuum for basically 3 reasons.  Price, retractable, and bag-less with fitter warning indicator.  These three reasons should make you buy this one if you ever need to change you vacuum.   And I just learned something new about the main reason why vaccum stops sucking.. it is "clogging" that caused it.  I am sure this vaccum will last longer than the ones I have before.

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Amount Paid (US$): 98.54

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