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Hoover UH70210 T-Series WindTunnel Upright Cleaner

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The best midrange vac I have ever owned

Jun 27, 2011 (Updated Jun 30, 2011)
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Pros:Dual filtration system

Bagless operation

Moderate price

Cons:This machine is not as intuitive as some others to use.

The Bottom Line: For a mid range vacuum cleaner, the Hoover UH70210 is definitely worth considering.

I have had them all, Eureka, Dirt Devil, and Hoover, and some have been better than others. While none have been terrible, up to now none have been amazing, until now.

Enter the Hoover UH 70210 Bagless WindTunnel vacuum:

Bagless operation
12 amp motor
17.8 pounds
Self-winding 27 foot cord
Pet attachment accessories with 12 inch wand with rubber blades/brushes to catch pet hair
Standard, washable filter for heavy dirt and dust
Fine HEPA filter for hard to see allergens
Folding handle for easy storage

Weight and ease of use:

Having paid just over $200 dollars, this machine is not low end, but it is also not a super lightweight Oreck vacuum at more than twice the price.

At 17.8 pounds, it's not a super lightweight machine, but it's also not that heavy considering the capacity of debris it can collect in the see-thru dust container, the snap on attachments, and a 12 amp motor.

If one forgets to look at how full the dust container is when using this bagless vacuum, there is also a sensor which turns from green to red when it starts to get full. Also, if there is a clog in the machine, the sensor will turn red immediately.

I like the extra feature this machine has if it overheats. The motor has an automatic shut off which will stay off for thirty minutes in order to let it cool down before use again. This is to ensure one won't burn out the motor.


With both instructions in the box and online at Hoover's website, this machine becomes easy to use. Initially, it's not one of those vacuums which have only a few features which are easy to figure out by just plugging it in.

A few of the attachments are tricky to figure out where they attach to the vacuum and one should look at the manual to figure out how they are situated.

The dust container is easy to empty out if done the right way. You can stand far from the opening and discharge the dust (from the bottom) into a trash can without getting dirty. However, it's easy to open the container from the wrong end at the top and empty out the dust that way making a lot of users not like this machine. It's not the fault of the machine, per se, but users not following directions. I do wish the design was a little more intuitive so people wouldn't fall into this bad habit of opening up the container at the wrong end. I have another vacuum that actually does open up at top and one has to open it up and shake it often ending up with dust all over the place. I could shave off a star on this issue, but I don't think it's the fault of Hoover so I give props to them for the design even if people don't take the time to read the instructions.

Two filters instead of one:

This model comes with two filters to catch dust and debris. One situated near the top of the vacuum is a washable filter which catches the larger objects which can fly into the air. After washing and rinsing the filter by hand, there should be up to a day allowed for that filter to dry in order to make it safe to use the machine again.

Part of what makes this a great HEPA vacuum is that there is a second stage of filtration which uses a non-washable extra fine filter which only needs to be tapped clean for use. After any amount of hours and months behind heavier use, such a filter needs to be reordered from the manufacturer or dealer.

Pet attachments:

This is one part which puzzled me at first. How can vacuum attachments be any better for pets than "standard" attachments? The answer is in the material which Hoover uses which brushes out the pet hair. The soft rubber surface of the brushes actually lifts pet hair much like a wet rag would, but of course without having to use water. It's a simple design which does the job for a quick clean. To keep my house at its best, I do use a wet vac for hard to conquer stains and pet hair but for my regular vacuum schedule, the Hoover does its job as advertised.

Floor cleaning:

On my previous vacuums, I used to have to stop operation and change the setting of the machine from rug/carpet to hard floor. But Hoover has a foot switch which can disengage the rotating brushes and simply make the machine have suction most suited for a floor environment. When you finish a floor area and need to get back to a rug/carpet area, just simply use the foot switch to engage the rotating brushes to get a more suitable operation for the rug or carpet. It is very nice that one does not have to turn the machine on and off every time that they change surfaces to vacuum up.


With the context of having read the instructions and watched about fifteen minutes of the online videos, I give this wonderful machine five stars. I paid $230 dollars for this machine when I saw it on a floor at Ace Hardware so I was able to get an idea of how large (or small) this machine is and its overall weight. I still consider this a fair price and compared to the Dysons or Orecks I have been lusting after for years, I no longer see the need to part with five hundred dollars to get a vacuum cleaner for an 800 square foot house. I don't like the idea of buying something like a vacuum sight unseen, but online, one could get this machine for well under $200 dollars with tax and/or shipping.

I think Hoover designed a machine which gets the job done, but compared to other vacuum cleaners I have used in the past, it's not intuitively designed and easy to use right out of the box.

In defense of Hoover it's safe to say that today many manufacturers want to have more features per dollar, and I think the day of the simple suction vacuum which you could just pull out of the box and plug in are over.

Not everybody needs to have a HEPA vac or one that has the ability to get pet hair, or human hair, but at its friendly price, the Hoover UH70210 is worth considering.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 230

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