Hoover Bagless and Beltless Technology V2 Vacuum Cleaner! The Only Way To Go!

Mar 27, 2003 (Updated Feb 26, 2005)
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Pros:Really easy to use. Looks nice, slim and sleek


The Bottom Line: Hoover, making my life easier once again! I highly recommend this machine!

Please Note: Although the Grandbabies are here, in this very, soft, pleasant, quiet morning I am sneaking this review in, for I am so excited about this product and just couldn't wait to write about it. For the record I have the worlds most wonderful Grandbabies

The Review

While at mother’s home with the new grandbabies I discovered that she had a new vacuum cleaner. I was also jealous of her having this new contraption. I couldn’t help myself. It’s a very attractive and cool looking vacuum and I wanted to immediately try it out. So I did. And of course I decided right then and there that my parents were not going to own this vacuum much longer. We had April’s truck and I could sneak the vacuum into the back of it and no one would ever know.

I decided against that stealing thing though and marched right in there to my parents and told them, rather politely, well sort of asked them and not told them if I could have it. Of course my mother told me no. And of course I asked why not? And of course I got told that it was hers and not mine and that I couldn’t have it. So I pouted, which didn’t work either. Then I tried to bribe them my agreeing to come back each week and use it on their floors, it’s just the two of them I needed it more. But, this didn’t work either since I live over 2 hours away from them and can’t get up there once a week. Then I told them that I was just going to have to take it then when they were not looking. Which never worked either since they kept a close eye on me.

So, all through the day I kept trying to figure out how I was going to get this vacuum cleaner, but was unable to come up with a way how, so I admitted defeat. Hours went by and it soon got time to go back home. And as we were telling my parents good-bye and getting our goodbye hugs, daddy told me that he had put something in the back of April’s truck. Well of course I lit up like a child in a candy store because I just knew he had given me the vacuum after all. Not exactly! He did give me one but it was brand new and was all my own. No sharing with anyone, except the children, who would be using it whether they wanted to or not. Now that’s sharing!

The Product

Hoover® Bagless Windtunnel™ V2™ Technology; model U8126990 is one of the newest vacuums on the market. With it dual agitators that actually spreads the carpet allowing for a deeper cleaning, it’s enhanced hard floor performance will not hurt your hardwood floors. Comes with soft, non-marring wheels, a brush roll “on/off” and powerful suction.

It has a 15-inch width for faster cleaning, a powerful edge cleaner with edge groomers and a 31-foot cord and tools. The tools are: extended polls, hose, crevice, and furniture and brush tools. The hose already fits in the back of the unit allowing you to have an instant tool conversion. Simply take the hose out and use the tools.

The tools are found at the top of the unit, front side and are covered with a clear, hard plastic covering that is easily opened by pulling down on the top of it. All the tools fit real nice in this compartment. The hose and extended rods are found in the back and left side of the unit.

It is a 12-amp unit that is very powerful. I was really impressed with how well this unit picked up the dirt and dust in the carpets and floors. It also has Allergen filtration that is exclusive HEPA filters with Teflon™, which allows for an easier cleaning, a non-stick coating, very nice! Will trap 100% of those pesky dust mites and 99.8% of those horrible ragweed’s and other grass pollens that our family brings into the house everyday. Now, ladies you all know that we don’t do any such thing. It’s all the families doing, bringing that trash in for us to clean!

The cord fits securely in the back of the unit and you will also find a carry handle on the back, top right underneath where the hose loops around. The unit is made of hard plastics that will last a long time.

Of course it’s beltless, which makes it even nicer. And of course let’s don’t forget bagless! You will find on the front, center of the unit the compartment that catches all the dirt. This feature is a clear, hard plastic container that has a handle on it that you just simply grasp and pull out for empting. You will also find the special Allergen Filter connected at the other end of this container. You change the filter by turning the knob found on the top and pulling the filter out and replacing. Really easy to do.

The base of the unit has the switches that allow you to convert from carpet to hard floors. You simply change the switches to your desired use, found on the left hand topside. You will also find on the top right hand side the high/medium/low for the depths of carpet thickness in your home that allows you to clean properly. These switches are easy to move back and forth as you want them to be.

The automatic brush roller is green and of course on the bottom of the base. You can see it turn and work really hard making your floors cleaner and healthier for your family.

The unit is green with black and gray plastic parts. It does have a light found on the very front middle of the base and of course the Hoover® name is also found there. You will also find Windtunnel™ Technology on the bottom left front of the base unit.

Cost-$256.36 at their local Wal-mart.

Company Information

Hoover® a division of Maytag®.

101 East Maple Street
North Canton, Oh. 44720



How I Feel

Well, I am a happy camper that’s for sure! And I have the greatest parents in the world! The unit is very attractive and very easy to use. It really picks up all the dirt and dust from my carpets and floors. Of course I went on a cleaning frenzy when I got home, with these grandbabies in for a visit, my one year old grandson is making messes all over the place. And how wonderful to have a new vacuum to help him out! The unit is quiet and it’s really cool to watch all that dirt go into the clear container.

I really like having the handle on that container because it is really easy to pull out from it’s location to empty it and the filter is easy to remove as well. I also like being able to turn the unit on or off right there on the handle, found at the top front side of the handle, and the handle has a convenient slot made just for the hand. And to release the handle so that you can use the unit you simply press the release button found at the very bottom backside of the base. Like with most vacuums. The unit pushes very easy, almost pushes itself back and forth and this makes vacuuming a lot easier for me and my parents!

And one of the best parts is that it was gift to me from my wonderful parents all because they love me! Isn’t that just the coolest thing! And who says that grown kids can’t still get great gifts!

If you are looking for a new vacuum I highly recommend this one. Now I can’t guarantee that your parents will buy you one, but I can guarantee that you will love this machine!

I hope that this has helped in some kind of way.

God Bless!

©LKD 2003

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