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Horizon E95 Elliptical

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Horizon's E95: The worst stride in town

Dec 16, 2006
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Cons:Short stride; fixed ramp, narrow pedals

The Bottom Line: Although this machine seems like a bargain at $600 in my opinion it is lacking some important aspects of a good elliptical machine.

Horizon𔃅s E95 Elliptical (E stands for elliptical.) is selling for an amazing price which is why I have gotten so many questions about it. You𔃅ll find it for around $600. Horizon is a decent company. For those of you who are ICON shy you𔃅ll want to stay away from the less expensive machines by ProForm.

Elliptical machines have come to be thought of as much gentler on one’s joints that the pounding they may take on a treadmill. I also find that they burn more calories than walking on a treadmill unless you have that treadmill at a very high angle or are running. They are considered a safe, low impact cardio-vascular (heart/lung) workout.

Information on the E95:

The E95 is a large machine as are most sturdy, well made elliptical machines. It weighs about 155 pounds. It has transport wheels but in reality moving it is something you won’t be doing frequently.

It measures 58inches long by 24 inches wide by 68 inches high. This is an average sized elliptical machine.

The maximum weight for the user can only be up to 300 pounds.

I always note the pedals on elliptical machines. These caught my attention a bit more than others. They were very long. So I had no problem with the length however they were narrow. I am a woman who takes a size 7 shoe. I would consider the width of my foot as average or medium. If your foot is very wide I don’t think it will be comfortable on these pedals. I liked the bumps on the pedals. They kept my foot from moving backward. However what I didn’t like was how the pedals are designed. Most have lips around the top and coming down each side. I found a long lip on one side but a very short one on the outer side of the pedal making it easier for a foot to slip. Luckily the bumps were good or there is a chance my feet would have gone off the sides.

This machine has a 14-inch stride length. That is not acceptable and I could stop this review here but I won’t. The stride length should be at least 19 inches. It is advertised as a full length stride but it reminds me of beds in hotels that are called queen when they are “hotel queens“ meaning a little larger than doubles.

The E95 has moving arms but a fixed ramp. In this price range finding a ramp that changes levels is challenging. We do often get what we pay for. I could change the resistance from 1 to 10 which is not as high as I would like it for an elliptical.

The E95 certainly has a better warranty than you will get with the ProForm machines. You’ll get lifetime on the frame and one year on the parts and labor.

There are heart rate sensors in the handle below the console. I found the moving arms comfortable and at a good height for various sized people.

I want to comment on the noise of this machine and in general. Horizon’s E95 was quiet. There are some machines, even high end ones that make a clunking noise especially when changing levels. This didn’t change levels so that’s one less noise. But remember if you test this or any machine out in a store you may not hear noises because the noises in the store are louder. Then you get it home and say it is noisy. So just keep that in mind. Also with a machine like this you don’t have a fan or belt like you do on a treadmill that might mask sounds. So comparing the sound of an elliptical to a treadmill is like comparing apples to oranges.

In addition depending on what you put a machine on at home will have an affect on the noise. For the least noise don’t put it too close to a wall.

The console and other experiences:

The console is simple to use. I found two integrated water bottle holders.

The console readouts were large. Three windows showed me my time, distance, calories, speed, rpm, pulse and resistance level.

The programs I found were manual, interval, rolling and weight loss. That’s only four programs.

Using the machine:

I pressed the rolling button on the console and hit enter. I then chose my level by pressing the up and down arrows. I then started pedaling and found that the console started counting down. The rolling program moved up and down hills gradually increasing and decreasing the resistance with this pre-set program.

The pedals go backward as most do on elliptical machines. The backward motion hits your quadriceps (front of thighs) which is why you will see people going backward. I do not recommend walking backward on a treadmill!

My rating:

I don’t like Horizon’s E95 and am not recommending it. The stride length is short; the program options are minimal; the ramp fixed and the pedals narrow. The price is great. As you shop around you may decide that all the negatives I am citing don𔃅t bother you. That’s great and I look forward to your review.

I have to give this machine 2 stars.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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