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Ortho Hornet & Wasp Killer Is A Killer

May 5, 2002
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Pros:It works and has worked for me on the first try.

Cons:Really, really dangerous. Be very careful with it.

The Bottom Line: I recommend Ortho Hornet and Wasp Killer if you need a killer of this type. It has always worked for me.

I am reviewing Ortho Hornet & Wasp Killer because I own it, have used in too many times and it works. I say too many times because I really donít like to kill living things that havenít done me any harm. I have a few sentences below on why we do have to kill them. We find them usually under our eaves. Perhaps that is where most nests are found, I am not sure, but it seems that's where ours have been in the houses in which we have lived.

What is this product?

~It is a 15-ounce aerosol spray, for which I paid $4.99 that I am sure is hazardous to my health and the environment. Again, it works, so we use it. In fact on the bottle (I will get into the actual warnings in a moment) it says, ďHazards to Humans and Domestic Animals.Ē

~It comes in two formulas. One is a foam type of spray and one is a regular spray. I currently have the foam type spray. According to "This product may be dispensed either as a foam or as a slightly milky liquid. Either formula is normal and effective on listed insects.Ē

~It claims to kill wasps and yellow jackets in seconds. It also controls ants, earwigs, fleas, and crickets (Who would kill a cricket? Isnít that bad luck?)

~It controls insects that return to the nest after treatment.

~ It reaches nests up to 20 feet above the ground. Now actually the spray, we are told, goes about 15 feet, but they add 5 feet to take into consideration the height of the person spraying.

How do you use this?

~I wondered why my husband always had us out at dusk. He just said that was when to do this and I never questioned it, but there is a reason! You are supposed to spray after dark because that is when the hornets or whatever you are killing go back to their nests. Try not to think about the families they have living there.

~You hold the container upright, take off the cap which is a bit tight Ė certainly not childproof, but at least it is fairly secure. They should make this stuff childproof, though Ė and you push the easy to push button at armís length so you donít get it in your face. You soak the whole nest with the spray and run! Really, what I have found is that they may come out Ė they will come out but they will die. You can spray the nest again if you want.

Ingredients and warnings:

~Ortho is made by Chevron Chemical Company. The active ingredient (.50%) is 2-(1-Methylethoxy)phenyl methylcarbamate (Iím not even going to begin defining this, if you want me to leave a comment and Iíll do the research!) The inert ingredients make up 99.50% of this product (a cholinesterase inhibitor) which contain petroleum distillates.

~Please store this in a locked spot away from open flame or heat.

~To dispose of it, wrap it in newspaper or talk with your local recycling center. They may take this kind of product. It canít be incinerated.

~It can be used around the base of ornamental plants without a problem, but do not allow it to contact the foliage. If you accidentally get it on a plant, wash the plant off immediately with water. Also avoid getting rubber or asphalt soaked with this.

~Do not use this product inside your home or other enclosed space. This product is for outdoor use only.

~This is obviously harmful if swallowed and can cause eye irritation. Call your Poison Control Center if swallowed. This is the first time I have seen a note to physicians on a can! I wonít write it but basically it tells a couple of antidotes for the poisons in here.

A note about these bugs:

This is from the can, but I wanted to share it, ďMost bees and wasps are beneficial. However, when their nests are built too close to windows, doorways or childrenís play areas, they may be dangerous and should be killed."

~Another aside, if your child is allergic to bee stings, make sure he or she always has an epi-pen that either he can hold or where ever he is going can put it in a safe place. (I am not a nurse but I believe that is what a quick antidote to bee stings are called.) When I worked at Head Start, we had them in the nurseís office and many children gave them to her.

Before my final thoughts:

Ok, you know I had to smell the stuff so I went outside to spray it. As I said this can is the foam. Iíve had the spray. If my recollection is correct, the foam smells much better than the spray. It doesnít smell so hazardous or potent. I do find that the foam doesnít spray as easily as the spray. In other words, it drips a bit so you have to make sure you really have this at arm's length. Wearing gloves might be a good idea.

Final Thoughts:

Otho Hornet and Wasp Killer works. It has worked for me for many years, many nests and hives on the outside of many houses. For me it kills on the first try. I have never had to go back a second time, but you may, I suppose, depending on the size or how healthily the bugs are. I hate the stuff, but it is a necessary evil. I donít know if they make an environmentally safe hornet killer. I would think they do, but I have never purchased it and I canít remember ever seeing it. You can leave me a comment if you have and where it can be bought.

This can be purchased almost anywhere: supermarkets, hardware stores, and even drugstores. I usually pick it up at Home Depot.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

For a glossary on some terms you can go to this ortho site:

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