Hose Shut Off Valve: I use It As An In-line Valve

Mar 25, 2011 (Updated Mar 25, 2011)
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Pros:The plastic lasts a couple of years

Cons:tough to remove from hose end without a tool

The Bottom Line: Instead of using this at the spigot, I use it on the oputgoing end of a garden hose as an in-line valve for my brass nozzle. It works well enough.

I use a Y connector double shut off valve at my spigot. It allows the use of two hose lines going out and controls which line I want out at a time.

This nylon shut off valve is just fine for a single hose and like the Y I use it can regulate the water pressure and shut the pressure down completely if needed.

I also use this with a brass nozzle that I use for two purposes, for cleaning and for filling water balloons. For both jobs I use the hose shut off valve because the brass nozzle has no controls. Its open at all times.

The lever which is "on" when in line with the hose and "off" when set across the flow can be regulated for less or more of a rush of water. That makes flow control easy.

Though I have owned both metal and vinyl valves I found no real difference in life time use. Both, after a year or two have a weak point of the turning valve itself and in time must be replaced. Because this isn't all that expensive I simply replace it when I have the problem. It usually manifests itself with some water leaking at that turn point.

The other ends are held tight with regular hose washers. I tend to get the red/orange rubber washers over the black O ring type. I like the seal better and I believe they last longer too.

Using this on the male end of the hose makes it tough to take off at times. There's not a lot to grip and when my hands are wet I have to use a gentle grip of a slip joint pliers to help take it off.

I keep it attached to the brass nozzle at all times because it's the only way I happen to have to use this adapter valve.

I can recommend it for in line water control in a garden hose.

I use it for this Brass Nozzle

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