Hot Shot Indoor Fogger 3-Pack

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Hot Shot Fogger: I Was Impressed!

Jun 20, 2004 (Updated Aug 13, 2012)
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Pros:It really works

Cons:Flammable, Hazards to humans and animals

The Bottom Line: This product is exceptional.

My brother owns a duplex. He lives on one side and the renter had lived on the other. His renter had decided to move after being there for about a year. My brother had not been in the apartment for over a month since this renter and his dog had moved out.

I wanted to stop by and visit with my nephew. I had noticed that my brother had the apartment door open with a very upset look on his face. He was almost in tears when he came out of the apartment. I guess what had happened was that the renter did not use any sort of flea protection on his dog. With no one checking on the apartment in four weeks or more these fleas must have just multiplied to no end! The fleas were so bad in the apartment, that if you were to take a white piece of paper and set it on the carpet you would attract at least 20 or more fleas to jump on the paper within a matter of seconds. It was horrible. We also noticed huge Palmetto bugs. I am not sure what attracted them into the apartment, but it was upsetting to see.

I told my bother to calm down and relax. He was worried that he was going to have to call an exterminator and it was going to cost him a fortune to get this problem under control.

My daughter and I went to the local Dollar General in my town and purchased a 3 can pack of Hot Shot Fogger.

This product claims to be able to kill:

adult and pre-adult fleas
palmetto bugs

~comes in a package of three cans~

Each can treats 5,000 cubic feet

Directions and Warnings

Read Entire Label before using!!!!

There are so many warnings and precautionary statements that I am only going to briefly go over them, so please take time to read the directions carefully!

-Cover all Food

-Do not use in really small areas

-Shut off everything, fans, air, gas valves

-This product is Highly Flammable!

-Remove pets and fish from the area

-Don't get this product on your skin, eyes, and do not inhale! Call your Poison Control Center if you have problems with exposure to this product.

-Store this product in a Cool area.

-Before opening this product cover everything that has to do with food products or utensils, for human and animal use. You do not want to get these chemicals in your system. (I cover and wash everything when I use this product.)

-Remove and wash animal bedding.

-Shake product well before using, and use newspaper to set this product on after opening. Tilt can away from face and then hook the catch. Set can on newspaper immediately and then leave. DO NOT RE-ENTER ROOM FOR 2 HOURS!! After the two hours are up then you may re-enter and then open all windows, turn on air conditioner and fans and air out for 30 minutes.

*Product claims that it will not harm drapes, upholstery, fabric, carpeting, bedspreads, floor tiles, linens, furniture, walls, clothing, ceilings, shades, or blinds, if you use it as directed.

Our Experience

My daughter and I chose to purchase the Hot Shot Fogger's because that is what we always use in our home when ever we have problems with pests. We have always been able to trust this name. I knew we needed something we could count on because I had NEVER in all my life seen such a flea problem!

I came back with the three pack and handed them to my brother. We had nothing to prep because the apartment was empty. He brought out an old night stand and placed it on the carpet in far end of the living room. He placed one on each side of the bedrooms. He placed them on cinder blocks he so happened to have on hand, with a bunch of newspaper surrounding. He let off all three foggers.
He had to work quick because he did not want to inhale any of this product.

He shut the door behind him, and then we waited. He was so sure that the $5 package of Hot Shot Fogger's were not going to work....We left and came back after two hours. We opened the door and he was very impressed because there was not a very strong odor like you normally have with bug sprays. Hot Shot fogger claims to be UNSCENTED. He opened all of the windows, and turned on a few fans. We waited the half hour and then went in to see if we had a hit or a miss.

My bother started to calm down, as he placed a sheet of white paper on the carpet to see what he would find. To his surprise nothing jumped on the paper! Palmetto bugs! Got Em!! Fleas, GONE! DEAD. YEAHHH!!!!

Wow, we also found dead moths, and a few dead spiders.We vacuumed well and threw out the vacuum cleaner bag! We cleaned down the kitchen area and the sinks and tubs. Just to be on the safe side my brother came back to the apartment 2 weeks later. He did not see any fleas or Palmetto bugs, but treated it again. He has not had any problems since.

I like using this product in my home to eliminate fleas, and ants. Now is the season when I always keep a can of this on hand. Mom likes to use these in the garage. The flies and Palmetto Bugs get on her nerves. She brags about this product and was the one who recommended it to me. You can't beat the price.


I love this product, a and would highly recommend it providing you take all precautions, and read all directions completely. I feel this is a great last resort before you would want to call an exterminator.

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