Hotel 41 At Times Square

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Hotel 41 At Times Square

Mar 11, 2012
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Pros:Comfortable bed, nice lobby, decent TV, location

Cons:Room was too small, bathroom was too small

The Bottom Line: The hotel was clean and the bed was nice and it had a nice location but the room was really small.

My husband recently had to go to New York for a couple of days on business.  I decided to tag along with him.  The company set us up at Hotel 41 which is in the Garment District. It is adjacent to the the Time Square Metro Station and is within walking distance to most New York city attractions. 

Hotel 41 Time Square

Hotel 41 is a modern hotel and it looks quite modern both on the inside and the outside.  The sign at the entrance of the hotel looks like a waving musical score.  When you look up toward the top of the building you will see shiny rows of fire escape stairs.  This may sound tacky but they actually look kind of nice. 

The lobby is nice it is all done in modern neutral tones.  There is a large seating area.  The floor is shiny brownish marble and the sealing has a look of wood.  There are long custom draperies that give it a more elegant and sophisticated look.  There are also large book shelves that has a DVD library that you can use.

The hotel is not a child friendly hotel.  If we had brought our kids along we would have had to stay somewhere else as they only allow 2 people per room.  That is probably a good thing however as the rooms were to put it kindly cozy.

The television sat directly in front of the bed on your typical hotel dresser/TV stand kind of thing.  The bed seems to be less than 2 feet from the window.  Directly under the window is the air conditioning and heating unit.  The window is adorned with very simple curtuans.  On the wall next to the air conditioning unit is a tiny desk and chair.  Just big enough for a lap top.  Free WIFI is included.

Next to the bed along the wall in the small space between the bed and the window there is a small built in night stand, which is actually more of a shelf.  The lights are located on the headboard of the bed.  The bed was not too bad, it had a nice matress and comfy pillows and it was covered wih a sort of gold colored bed spread. On the other side of the bed that was not the window side there was just enough space to get in and out of bed before you ran in to the wall.  Honestly I felt kind boxed in, in the small room. 

Following along with the small theme the bathroom was also very tiny.  The door to the bathroom was literally inches from the sink which had no counter area.  The towel racks were low and directly in front of the sink.  The towels were at least nice and fluffy and there was a bathrobe in the room. 

There was a tiny closet with a small safe provided that was able to fit a lap top. 

Each guest gets a complimentary bottle of water.

On Site

There is a restaurant on site that also sells cocktails later in the evening.  We did not eat there so I can not really evaluate the restuarant, other than to say it was decorated in a very modern way.  Lots of circular angles and in neutral browns and green. 

My Thoughts and Experience

Check in was quick and friendly and uneventful.

Honestly the room was so small it made the trip a lot less enjoyable.  I love my husband and all but sometimes I need a little bit then a yard between us.  Everything was just closed in and seemed like everything was right on top of everything else.  It might be a small comfortable room for one person but for me it was too small.  I am more used to spacious rooms. 

The bed was comfortable and the television was good but that is all I can really say that I liked about the room.  The lobby was nice but since I am not spending all my time in the lobby that does not make up for the small rooms in my opinion.  The location was fantastic we could literally walk out the doors and be right in the heart of the city.  So if you are traveling alone and want a great location you migh like this hotel. 

To me this is a hotel you just go in and sleep in, it is not a room you want to spend a lot of time in.  Good thing there are lots of things in New York city to keep you busy. 

Had the room been a bigger I think I would have liked the hotel a lot more, it was just way to small for me.

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