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Hoya 49mm Dual Image Glass Filter (S49DIGB)

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Hoya Dual Image Lens Filter - Easy To Achieve Double Image Effects

Aug 17, 2008 (Updated Aug 17, 2008)
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Pros:Hoya quality filter; variety of filter ring sizes; adds variety to general picture taking

Cons:May need a littel trial and error practice

The Bottom Line: If you would like to experiment and play a little with your photo hobby, try the Dual Image filter and get some functional and fun results!

If you would like to experiment a bit and try a "cool" effect with your photographs, a popular special effects filter is the Hoya Dual Image Filter. You will be able to use this filter in a variety of situations and scene set ups and find it quite easy to move over to "special effects" photography with this filter.

The Hoya Dual Image Filter is used when you want to take double exposure pictures. For example, you have probably seen double image shots taken by photographers where you may see two different views of a person or subject. This is the same thing. You are able to take two different shots and have them both appear on the same photograph.

This "special effects" filter can be a great addition to your photo gear. You can create special photo's of your children, parents, family event shots, as well as get creative with outdoor shots or at special occasions and parties.

This filter is made of a machined aluminum frame which screws right on to your camera lens. You can use lens adapter rings if needed. The filters come in different sizes and if they do not exactly fit your camera model you can use the adapter ring -- just ask for help at the photo or camera shop if you are totally new to this - they can help you determine what size (in mm's) that you need and then help you select the right filter and/or adapter for your camera. I used a 49mm, but there are several sizes to choose from.

The Hoya Dual Image Filter has a "split" lens. One half is transparent coated glass and the other half is black glass. When you take a picture the black half will cover 1/2 of the image - you will NOT proceed to the next frame, but rather stay on the same frame (of film). You rotate the split lens so that the black half is completely opposite from where it was - and take your picture again. Both images will appear on the one frame or photo.

You can have a person on one side talking to themselves on the other side. You can get your dog in two different positions. You can have one person standing next to a wild animal. Try to capture your child or parent in a view showing their face from the front, and then another shot showing them from a side view. Take a shot at a party showing the before and after effects in the same photograph. Heck, there are lots of ways to use this filter and have lots of fun doing it!

The filter lens does rotate so that you can have the split or dual image in vertical, horizontal or in a diagonal effect. You do need to use a tripod to keep the focus, length of shot, and keep the shot steady. You will need to be sure you rotate to the right degree or you will end up with a dual image with part of the picture still blacked out and part with a cross over dual image. There are marks on the filter to assist you in finding the exact opposite when you rotate the lens.

This is a fairly easy fun special effects filter that you can use with just a little trial and error. Your friends and family will enjoy taking part in this as well -- it's cool to be able to have yourself show up twice in a shot doing two different things!

I recommend this filter to anyone looking to try some new effects in their photography hobby - you may find it becomes a fun favorite at parties and special events!

For more information on Hoya you can contact them at:

THK Photo Products, Inc.
2360 Mira Mar Ave.Long Beach, CA 90815
Tel: 562-494-9575 Fax: 562-494-3375

Tokina Co.,Ltd.
120-4 Nozuta-Machi, Machida-Shi, Tokyo 195-0063

Hoya also have a website showcasing all of their products at: www.hoyafilter.com

Thanks for reading! If you have used a dual image filter feel free to leave your comments ~ Judy

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