Hoya Half Color Red Filter For Dramatic Sunset Pictures When The Sky Is Blue!

Sep 13, 2008 (Updated Sep 13, 2008)
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Pros:Get a sunset picture without the sun setting! Good quality Hoya product

Cons:May find limited or specific uses for this type of filter

The Bottom Line: Need some drama?  Need some intense color? Want a sunset setting when the sun is high in the sky? Get this filter!

Are you looking to add some real drama to your pictures? Do you want to capture some vibrant sunset pictures at the beach but the sun is high in the sky? Want to get creative and add red to your photographs to create a special effect? Want an angry impending storm look over the desert or above a mountain vista? Well then, the Hoya Half Color Red Filter may be just what you are looking for!

The Hoya Half Color Red Filter is just that ~ half red and half clear. The filter is made by putting a red gelatin filter between two optical glass plates. When you use the filter 1/2 of the picture will be red and the other 1/2 will be as normal in the scene.

Hoya Half-Color filters is set in a rotating frame so you can rotate the red half to where you want it. You can have 1/2 the scene in red on one side, or on the top, or on a diagonal. If you want a red sky, just make sure the red is situated at the top of the filter ring; want to have 1/2 of a persons face red - turn the filter ring so that the person's nose is the dividing line.

The Half Color Filter is similar to Hoya's Dual Color Filters, except in the dual color filters both sides have a different color - thus both sides have a direct effect on the entire photograph.

The Color Options available with the Half Color Filters are: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Emerald, Green, Brown, Blue, Violet, Light Gray, and Dark Gray. A nice variety when you are on a specific mission or are having a creative attack.

The Hoya Half Color Red Filter has machined aluminum frames.These frames have a slight give to them in case your camera/lens is jarred or bumped - while they are rigid, that slight "give" will do loads to protect your lens and your camera. The frame fits securely right on to the camera lens via screwing them right on to the thread ring at the end of your camera lens.

This filter does come in a few different sizes, measured by the mm ~ this one is a 62mm ~ You may find that you will need to use an easy to find filter adapter ring which you first put on your camera lens and then add the filter on top of that. This filter does not seem to come in a large variety of sizes, so an adapter ring may be the way to go for this filter. You can find this filter and adaptor rings at your local camera shop or by browsing camera supply shops on-line.

Using and exploring special effects filters can enhance your love of photography. Once you start getting into filters from Hoya you may soon discover there is no end to all the combinations and special effects you can achieve!

For more information on Hoya, contact them at:

THK Photo Products, Inc.
2360 Mira Mar Ave.Long Beach, CA 90815
Tel: 562-494-9575 Fax: 562-494-3375

Tokina Co.,Ltd.
120-4 Nozuta-Machi, Machida-Shi, Tokyo 195-0063

Hoya has a website that showcases their products. There is just basic information about the various filters they make at: http://www.hoyafilter.com/ ~ You may find some filters you would like to try out. Their website will list scads and scads of distributers that you can contact as well.

You can also check out Hoya's catalog on-line at http://hoyafilter.com/pdf/HOYACatalog.pdf ~ this on-line brochure offers little more info than the website, but there are more pictures and examples of what the different filters can do for you and your picture.

Special effects filters are a fun and very exciting addition to photographic hobby and definitely have their place in the field of photography. Special effects filters can lead to new ways of seeing a scene or adding excitement to a mundane setting.

Thanks for reading! Judy

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