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Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos board game

Jul 23, 2008
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Pros:Great fun game

Cons:Very noisy.

The Bottom Line: The Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos board game is a lot of fun but very noisy!

My daughter was given the Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos board game for Christmas as a gift from one of her aunts. I would not have chosen this game for her myself. I remember having it as a kid. I knew how loud it can be and with a smaller baby in the house it would be horrible if she played it at nap time. She was happy to get it though.

The game description, set up and what you get with it:

You get the plastic game board tray, four hippos, handles to put under the hippos and a few other parts that need to be pieced together which I will explain better below. You also get the balls there are 20 marble balls all which are white. The hippos are pink, green, yellow and orange colored. The game board is red in color. The handles you push down on are black colored. You get stickers to put on as well. Eyes, Hungry Hippo sign and more. The instructions will let you know how to do it. And it will tell you where to place them as well.

You have to assemble the hippos. Just put the under piece on, the handle should be sticking out the top. It will not be in working order if it is off of the board so don't expect it to have the same pull as it does once it is on the board. To put the hippos on the board all you need to do is slide them in the provided slot and push down to lock it in to place. You can do the hippos in any color order you want but once the stickers are placed each colored hippo has it's own spots.

The hippos come off again to put the game away. This is hard to do a little bit. Remember to remove the marbles from the board before putting it away again because if you pull a hippo off with the marbles still on they will probably go every where. Be sure to put the marbles away in their bag. They have a zip lock type bag that they come in. You should save it for when you put the marbles away so you will not lose any of them.

To play the game:

Playing the game is very easy to do. Once the game board has been set up as I stated above you are ready to play the game. Make sure each handle goes down when you push it and comes back up when you let it go. If it does not then you need to put the hippo on again because it is not in the board correctly. Once it is in correctly it should be able to slide the hippo forward and open the mouth as it is pushed. Oh and you have to put the hippos heads on to the body as well. I forgot to mention that above. But once they are on they can stay on even when the game is over.

Now that you are ready to play all you need to do is have each player select a hippo to use. This game is best played on a hard flat surface or hard floor. The game is level and fair this way. Once every player has selected the color hippo they want. They take the position in that spot. Now at the same time each player will release the pre set up marbles in to the middle of the board. I

t is every hippo for it's self now. You keep pushing the lever down as fast as you can. Continue to do this until all of the marbles are gone. Each player has a tray in front of them. This is where the marbles go after the hippo eats them. Now each player counts their marbles and who ever has the most marbles is the winner of the game. That is all there really is to it. Like I said it is a very simple game to play.

Who this game is good for:

This game is recommended for children who are ages four years old and over. I would recommend watching your children play with this game though. The marbles are small and can be choked on. To me a four year old just might take it upon them self to put one in their mouth, but that is just my opinion the game states four years old and over.

How many players can you have:

You can have between two and four players playing this game to play it the proper way. Playing by yourself is possible but it is not much fun I am sure. At sleep overs our daughter has 8 players. They do teams and tournament type games. One set of players for a first round then a switch to the other set of players the second round. They have a lot of fun.

The noise:

Clacking, banging, screeching this game has every sound! It seems like it is so loud. I wonder how I ever even liked it as a kid but I know that I did. I also know that it used to drive my mother crazy and now I can see why. I guess this is my payback for having put my mother through listening to all the noise. You literally hear every slam on the lever, every hippo mouth sliding across the board, every clack of the mouth of the hippo whacking the board and all the marbles sliding and flowing across the board! I mean noisy!

Thoughts and recommendations:

Despite the noise this is a cute fun game to play. I honestly do not play it with my daughter because it triggers my headaches big time. But she has a lot of fun playing it with her friends and with her cousins. She does not play it while her baby brother is sleeping. That is a big no no in this house. I am glad that she got the game. Although I would not have purchased it for her .

It ended up being a nice gift no matter how noisy it is. If you can tolerate noise then this would be a nice fun family game to play. If you are prone to headaches like I am, it may be a mistake to introduce the game in to your house. So I do recommend it for tolerant people but not for people like me who get head aches with noise like this.

Recommend this product? Yes

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Type of Toy: Board Game
Age Range of Child: Other

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