Husqvarna 20" Gas Powered Chainsaw (965030298) Reviews
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Husqvarna 20" Gas Powered Chainsaw (965030298)

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Husqvarna, No. 455 Rancher is useless

Aug 1, 2009
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Pros:Cuts great if you can keep it running.

Cons:Shuts itself down after only a few minutes sawing and then will not restart.

On recommendation from a Husqvarna owner, I bought two Husqvarna 455's at Lowes, one for each of two locations where I need a chainsaw .  Both of the new chainsaws failed the same way.  Started OK, sawed great for a few minutes, and then shut off.  Cannot restart.  Tried everything: different gas, different oil to mix with gas, choke, no choke, decompression valve, no decompression valve.  Nothing works. 

Let saw cool down, and process repeats itself.
Lowes was a long ways away, so took one of the saws to a local  Husqvarna dealer for repair.  Paid $45 more, but did not help performance at all.

Finally, took one of the saws back to Lowes, and, after considerable hassle, they gave me another new 455.  The new one fails just like the other two.

I am out $900 for three Husqvarna 455's, each of which is pure junk.  My buddy's old Husqvarna chainsaw works great, which is why I bought the new Husqvarnas.  But Husqvarna has somehow screwed up the 455.

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The Husquarna 455 chainsaw is a high powered, heavy-duty and an ideal co-worker for all cutting conditions. The Husqvarna Rancher comes with the X-Tor...
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