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Husqvarna 20" Gas Powered Chainsaw (965030298)

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Power, Power, Power, Now Husqvarna Has Given MeThe Power!

Aug 1, 2010
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Pros:This will give you all the power at your fingertips.

Cons:This is not very cheap.

The Bottom Line: If you are willing to pay for quality then Husqvarna has what you want and this chainsaw will fill the bill.

If you want quality you have to pay for and I have learned it the hard way. When I had to recently replace my Craftsman chainsaw I did not know where to start looking. I first purchased a Poulan pro 18" chainsaw, but that was a complete dud. In just 15 minutes time the engine seized up and I ended up taking it back and exchanging it for the 20" Husqvarna 455 Rancher gas operated chainsaw. Sure, I had to pay a lot more ($400) but I am very pleased that this one did not seize up. I found this particular model at Lowes in the garden section. If you are a Veteran, Lowes will usually give all Veterans a 10% discount on anything in the store, this is why I chose Lowes. I do not know if any other places give this kind of discount to Veterans.

This first started in the late 1600's making muskets for King Karl XI. This went on for over three hundred years before they starting making other items such as; wood stoves, kitchen appliances, sewing machines, bicycles, motorcycles, then 1956 they started making lawnmowers and after that, in 1929 that is when the chainsaw saw its first customer by this company, It has since been the leading name in the industry for chainsaws. From professionals to the handy homeowner this is the chainsaw that will outlast the best of the bunch.


This is a very cool looking orange color to it and it is only 36" long overall. It is 8" wide and 10.5" tall. You should not get tired when using this because it only weighs 17 pounds when it is full of gas and oil. This will not come in a case, you will have to purchase one of those at about sixty dollars. This chainsaw has all of the usual stuff with the exception of all of that power that comes with a 55cc power motor.

There are probably a lot of information about this chainsaw's engine that a lot of people will not understand but I will still list it; such as cylinder volume is (3,,5cm.) the cylinder bore is (1,85 in./ 47mm.) the stroke is (1,26 inch/ 32mm) at idle speed the engine runs 2700 rpm. The power that this uses is (2,6/3,5 kW/hp@9000 rpm).

The ignition system of this chainsaw is state of the art type and will usually use a Champion made brand name plug numbered RCJ 7Y or NKG BPMR 7A. If you are going to replace this spark plug yourself, the plug usually comes pre-gapped but, it is always a good thing to check it and make sure that it is the right gap and that number is(0,02/0,5).

The fuel and lubrication system should be watched constantly every time that you fill the gas tank, you  should also fill the bar oil reservoir. This will help in keeping the chain sharp and moving easily. The gas will have to be mixed with an oil additive to help keep the inside of the engine lubricated.

This chainsaw only weighs 17 pounds when fully assembled and when it has a full tank of oil and gas, but when you remove the bar and chain no gas or oil, it only weighs 12.8 pounds or 5.8 kg. That will be good on your arms and wrists if you have to use this for a long job.

The standard chain and bar for this particular model is 20'/51cm. This chainsaw can accommodate a  bar  from 15"-24"/38-61 cm. These sizes are recommended by the manufacturer. The usual cutting lengths are 14"-23"/36-58 cm. There is a 3/8" pitch on the teeth (blades of the chain), there are a couple of thicknesses of the drive chain that you can use and they are .050"/1.3 cm. or .058"/1.5 cm. The drive sprocket type and teeth are a Spur and 7 teeth and the maximum power m/sec = 20,0.

Ever since I replace my old model and the Poulan that froze up on me I have been one happy customer. This has an automatic oiler for the chain and will usually run out of gas before the bar chain oil compartment does. One full tank of gas will probably last you about one hour and that is if you use it full open throttle constantly for that entire hour. It is easy enough to tell if you are out of gas because it will probably sound like is just died on you and you will probably try and start it back up again. But, not to worry it is just out of gas, you should make it a practice that every time that you fill the gas up you should fill the 2-cycle oil also. This also has a compression button that if it was to pop out, all you have to do is push it back in and it will make for a lot easier starting while pulling on the starter cord.

On the other hand, the gas has to be mixed with a 50:1 mixture of oil to gas per one gallon of gas. That is approximately a 2.6 ounce bottle of 2-cycle engine oil per gallon of gas. This is to allow the oil to lubricate the insides of the small engine that you have at hand. This has so much power it is just like holding a small mini bike in your hands. Of course they recommend that you use their brand of chain oil for them to get rich off of, but you can use any name brand as long as you put some kind of lubricant in to help the chain go around. If you are wondering if there is enough oil on the chain just look and see if a small amount come out on whatever you are cutting, you should see a small line of oil on the log and is plenty to keep the chain oiled.

From the first second that I started this up it ripped through a 20" log like it was a soft pound of butter. You will have to watch out because this is very loud and has a tendency to throw chippings at your feet and will get you very dirty, plus the chips will be tossed all about your face and hands. So, proper attire is a must, such as ear plugs and gloves, safety glasses and, oh yes, a long pair of pants.

This chainsaw made very fast work of a mulberry tree and oak tree, and then I was able to cut these into smaller logs where they could easily fit into a fireplace. The important thing about this chainsaw that you should remember is that it has an extreme amount of power and it will do a very sufficient job. Your kids may think that this is cool but you need to reiterate to them, that this is just as dangerous as a gun. For instance if this was ever to get out of hand there is a handle that will automatically stop the chain from spinning. Just to test this and getting the feel of the power that this has you should give it a test run by engaging the chain brake before attempting to actually use this on any objects. This would be a well advised test. Once you have pulled the choke out and the engine sounds like it wants to start then push the blue knob back in and you should have no problems from then on out with this staying running. If you need to kill the engine quickly there is a little red stop button that works immediately, it is located right above the choke button for easy access.

Once you get the hang of this chainsaw you will never have to purchase another one, unless you want two of these. As long as you store this properly when not in use this should always start up by the third pull as long as you remember to hit the primmer button.

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