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Husqvarna Hiwhl Push Mower 21" 3/1 (7021P961330007)

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Great Push Mower with a Great Engine

May 12, 2011
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Pros:Excellent Honda Engine, Ball-Bearing Wheels, Good build Quality.

Cons:None I can think to mention.

The Bottom Line: See body of review.

When it was time to replace my 11 year-old Craftsman, there were a few things I knew I wanted (and a few things I didn’t want) in my next mower.  I wanted a quality engine with plenty of power and good over-all construction.  I wanted it to have a mulching feature, and I prefer the taller rear wheels.   

I didn’t want my mower to be self-propelled.  My 1/3 acre yard is fairly flat and easy to mow.  I don’t have any trouble pushing a mower around.  Self-propelled mowers cost more, weigh more, and have more parts to break.  But my biggest reason is you get less power to the blade because the motor is also powering the drive wheels.  Just a plain ol’ push mower for me, thanks!

The Basics: 
The Husqvarna 7021P  is a 21” push mower with an excellent 160cc GCV Honda engine.  I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime between the purchase of my last mower and this new one, the old standard of horsepower ratings has been replaced by a new “gross torque” rating.  This is supposedly a more accurate assessment of a mower’s power.  I don’t know…just go with it.  This Honda engine is rated at 6.9 gross torque which is on par with, or somewhat better than, most other walk-behind mowers.  And because YOU provide the power to push it, all of that torque is going to the cutting blade. The engine features a new Easy Start auto choke system that just plain works great.  There is no primer bulb to push.  For a cold start you simply slide the choke lever over, squeeze the safety bar on the handle and pull.  Mine has started on the first pull every single time without exception.  The choke releases by itself so you don’t have to do it, and there is no chance of flooding the engine.  Nice.  The Honda motor runs smooth and strong.  It’s not necessarily any quieter than other mowers, but it does have a little deeper tone to it.  I like the sound.   

There are a few other features that attracted me to the Husqvarna 7021P also.  It has double ball-bearing wheels which roll very smooth and easy.  This model also has the taller rear wheels which help navigate uneven terrain and bumps like tree roots.  The 7021P has three modes for mowing.  You can attach a rear bag to catch the clippings, use as a side-discharge mower, or use as a mulcher.  I use my mower as a mulcher exclusively.  This mower also has a handle which folds easily for compact storage or transport. 

Buying and setup: 
The Husqvarna 7021P is supposedly available from Lowes and Sears, but neither of my local stores had them in stock.  It can also be purchased from several on-line retailers including Amazon.  I got mine from a smaller Husqvarna dealer.  Prices for this mower typically run from around $260 to $280.  I got mine for $260 along with great personal service at the point of sale.

Set up is super easy.  The store did mine for me, but there really is nothing to it.  Simply remove the mower from the box, extend and tighten the handle, add the included oil, and add gas.  That’s it.  You’re ready to mow.

The first time I used this mower I had it set too low.  It didn’t have any trouble powering through the grass, but it did leave some clumps behind (remember…I’m mulching).  But the next time I mowed I raised it up one notch to the one in the middle.  Now I don’t get any clumps at all, and it’s probably a healthier setting for my grass.  The cut is very uniform and the yard looks great when I’m done. 

I am very happy with my purchase.  Just because I didn’t want a self-propelled mower doesn’t mean I wanted a disposable piece of junk.  The Husqvarna 7021P is a quality mower with a great engine and good build quality.  It performs like a champ and leaves my lawn looking well groomed.  I highly recommend this mower.

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