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Hyatt Regency Denver- A Great Place To Stay When In The Mile High City

Jul 30, 2012
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Pros:Great workout room
Awesome hot tub overlooking Denver
Friendly staff
Nice exterior
Clean room 

Cons:Maids not the greatest
Parking garage has narrow spaces 

The Bottom Line: The Hyatt Regency is probably the hotel in Denver with the most value for your money.

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency for three nights while on vacation in Denver, and overall I feel like it was a great experience, this is how I'll break it down.


A very sleek looking hotel from the exterior. The hotel is very tall, it is probably taller than most of the buildings in the area, and the tallest hotel in denver. It looks very cool at night because the whole block around the hotel is lit up, specifically the block by the convention center (it is right next to the colorado convention center). Overall I would give the exterior a 9.5 out of 10.

Parking Garage

Not that much to talk about the parking garage, you enter it on Welton St., there are three floors, plenty of spaces to park. In my opinion though, the spots are pretty narrow, which could be a problem if you have a big car. If you plan on driving somewhere while at the hotel, remember this: when leaving the parking garage, it took me a while to figure out how to swipe the card, meanwhile a VERY annoying woman's voice would say "please swipe room key with arrow up and to the right" every two seconds. Out of 10, I would give the parking garage a 7


From the minute I walked into the hotel, the staff were extremely nice, checking in, I ran into an employee who was from Chicago (just like me!), and his name was Michael (same with me!). We had a long conversation and he was very nice to me. One night I decided to get a late night pizza and asked a lady at the front desk for good pizza places were still open, she was very helpful in finding a good pizza place to deliver. Even though the front desk was very friendly, I wasn't as happy with the maids. The first night, my bed was fine, but I don't think they really knew how to make a bed, because the next two nights, me covers weren't even tucked in, so I had to make my bed myself, which I don't want to do when I'm on vecation. I was not happy with this, but I was happy that after I told the employees about this, they gave me a $25 credit to things like movies in your room, or breakfast in the morning. Overall, the employees were very nice, but because of my bed, I give the employees 9/10.

Workout Room

The Hyatt Regency had a great workout room. They had the highest quality cardio machines. Aboout ten treadmills, ten ellipticals, and 20 bikes (just my guesstimate). They also had great weight equipment. There was a good combination of weight machines and free weights. They had all the free weights you would ever need, and the same thing goes with the machines. Overall, I would give the workout room 10 out of 10, it was just that good! :-)

Pool/Hot Tub

The pool, which you access through the workout room, was a nice little lap pool. I don't usually have that high expectations for pools at these kind of hotels, this pool though, lived up to my expectations and then some. Very clean, a nice temperature, and most of the time was somewhat empty. Both the pool. Outside the pool on the balcony, you will find a tremendous surprise. A hot tub! It was made out of granite (I think...) and was very nice looking. It felt as good as it looked! Might be the most relaxing hot tub I've ever been in. And if that wasn't enough, there was a view off the balcony! Great!!!! Because of the hot tub, I give the combination of the pool and hot tub a 10 out of 10.


My room was a nice room, simple, but nice. It was on the 33rd floor (I believe there were 37 floors) and had a great view of Denver and the mountains in the distance. If you are going to stay at the Hyatt, I suggest that when you call to book your room, request a mountain view. It is about 20 bucks more expensive I think, but it was totally worth it. Also, when checking in, ask for the highest floor possible, it doesn't cost any extra, they just give you the highest floor they have available. The higher the floor, the better the view! The only problem with my room was what I stated earlier, that my bed was not made correctly. The bathroom was nice with double sinks and a nice tub/shower. Overall, I'd give my room a nine out of ten.


One of the things I did when I came to denver was go to a Rockies game. The hotel was about a mile away from Coors Field, which is walkable, but if your lazy like me, you can take the free 16th street bus to blake street, and from there you just have to walk four blocks south-east to 20th street. The hotel is on fifteenth street so it is just a block away from the 16th street mall, which is a great street where no vehicles but the free bus rides are allowed to be on. It's a great place to spend a few hours shopping or finding a bite to eat. The hotel is also right next to the Colorado Convention Center (mentioned this earlier) which I didn't get a chance to check out, but I'm sure is a great place. Overall, depending on what your planning on doing in Denver, I think the Hyatt has a great location and out of 10, I would give it a 9.5

The Hyatt Regency Denver is a great place to stay and I am going to give  it a 9 out of 10

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