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A Versatile TankBag For Your Urban StreetFighter

Jan 21, 2008 (Updated Jan 21, 2008)
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Pros:Magnetic Tankmount, Backpack, Helmet Carrier, Map Pocket, MP3/CD Compartment

Cons:Water Resistant but NOT Waterproof, Obtrusively Placed Large ICON Logo

The Bottom Line: A well designed backpack convertible magnetic mount tankbag. Great for short to medium putts in and around town. Would have been perfect if it was waterproof or had a raincover.


Ask any sportsbike rider and they will tell you, that a great tank bag is worth its weight in gold. Some riders carry a backpack, which can very quickly become very uncomfortable for me. The other alternative is to have a tailbag bungeed or strapped down to the passenger seat. I have also seen some riders strap expandable saddlebags to their passenger seat. However my favorite option is a magnetically mounted tank bag. In researching various tankbags, I found some that strap mounted to the tank. This was not a viable option for me as it wouldn’t allow me to quickly remove the bag while filling the gas tank. I saw a bunch of very expensive tankbags at the NYC motorcycle show. However the ICON Urban tank bag seemed to have the best look, feel, ergonomics & functionality for my needs. Instead of paying $110 at the show, I purchased a brand new one on eBay for $87 including USPS priority shipping.


The gas cap on most sportsbikes, is located at the top middle of the gas tank. When you pull into a gas station, you need to be able to quickly remove the tank bag to access the gas cap. This is why a strap mount doesn’t work for me. The magnetic mount feature, allows the Urban bag to be quickly lifted off the tank for refueling. There are four strong magnets located in four tags at each corner of the bag. These are more than adequate to firmly hold a fully packed bag, firmly to the tank. There is a neoprene rubber layer between the bag & the tank. This prevents the bag from sliding around the tank, even under aggressive acceleration or braking. This also protects the paint from scratches and scuff marks. I can personally confirm that this bag will stay on your tank, even at twice the highest national speed limit ;o) There is a small exterior compartment located on both the left and right sides of the bag. These are great for quick access to sunglasses, wallet, keys, paper towels, etc. There is a third compartment located at the bottom. This is closest to the rider while on the bike. This compartment can be used to carry an iPod or CD player or any other quick access item like an EZpass, cell phone, or even a flexible drink bladder. It has a reinforced gusset for pass through of headphone cables or a drinking straw. There is a transparent waterproof map pocket located on top. This is great for viewing paper maps while on the go. But it is useless for me as I use the TomTom Rider 2nd edition GPS unit. Strangely enough, Icon decided to put a very large obtrusively placed Icon logo under the map pocket. It definitely detracts from the overall aesthetics of the bag. It is available in Black, Gray, Yellow, Red, Blue & Pink colors. IMO the black looks the best & matches my bike.


The Urban tankbag can quickly be converted into a backpack, when you need to lock the bike and walk away from it. The neoprene flap has quick detach straps. The flap drops down and under the bag to hold the helmet, and the straps lock into tabs at the bottom front of the bag keeping the helmet secure. The straps are adjustable in length in order to accommodate various types of helmets. I tested out the carrier with my AGV Miglia Modular helmet, my HJC CL33 3/4 with full face shield, and my Vega XTS half helmet with flip-up visor. All three helmets were securely held in place. The neoprene base not only protects the helmet from dings, but also prevents the helmet from sliding out. The padded shoulder straps for the backpack are stored in a small compartment near the top of the bag. These connect to two d-rings located near the bottom of the bag. As a backpack, the Urban is quite comfortable in part due to the padded shoulder straps and padded mesh back. On longer rides I recommend mounting it to the tank, as a heavy backpack can quickly add to rider fatigue causing loss of concentration.


The bag is constructed of 420 denier fabric with ripstop design. The thin fiber and the tight weave make the bag water resistant but not waterproof. This means that you should be ok in a light drizzle. But it will not hold up in a downpour. Icon neglected to include a rain cover. However, only experience can teach you, to pack all your clothes and electronics in plastic bags. Ziplock bags are even better for smaller items. This way the tankbag may get soaked, but your contents will stay dry.

The ICON Urban tankbag very capably lives up to its name. It is great for short putts in & around town. It conveniently converts into a backpack with a built-in helmet carrier. It can easily handle a light drizzle, but it’s not waterproof and will not keep your contents dry in a downpour. To top it all off, the four magnetic tabs keep everything securely mounted to your gas tank.



TomTom Rider 2nd edition GPS

2007 YAMAHA FZ1 Motorcycle

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