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NOT a pore cleanser!

Feb 23, 2007 (Updated Feb 25, 2007)
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Pros:Stimulates lymph system, and moves stuff. Capable of brining toxins to surface.

Cons:Not for face use. This will not SUCK out whiteheads. Can bruise skin.

The Bottom Line: Not a pore cleanser. Not for face use.

Hi, just received this "pore cleanser". It comes with 2 tips and instructions.
This is a wand into which you insert 2 AA batteries. The unit is shipped with IGIA brand batteries. The tip is plastic and is a double sided attachment. One is oval shaped and oddly designed for the nose, and the other is round. The size is no larger a 3 hole punch dot.
The product, when operating, is somewhat loud. It is recommended not to use in the bathtub, due to electrocution issues.

The idea behind the device is that once you warm your skin up, and your pores open, apply this device and the suction will SUCK out debris and black/white heads, etc...

This is a somewhat powerful suction device. They recommend using a small amount of water, and dragging the device (which is like a small vacuum cleaner funnel), across your face. This product did not adhere as well as represented on the package to the face. It did suck some areas pretty well. On delicate skin, I had bruising and welt marks. Similar to a hickey. I did not notice having cleaner pores. I mainly noticed the damage the device did.

I do have an area of blackheads on my right cheek (typical phone use induced oil buildup) - by the ear. I did suction this area. The area does feel softer, but I steamed my face, applied a mask, used the IGIA microderm massager, then suctioned last. As I have olive skin, I didn't notice marks on that area.

Like many other TV based products, the idea sounds nice, but in reality, has the capacity to damage your facial skin, rather than clear it using the methodology and instructions provided within the kit.


I would use this product ONLY:
1. In areas that aren't sensitive
2. In areas that you don't mind having red welts to appear and linger for maybe a week at a time.

For me, that excludes the FACE.

If you really want to remove debris, I think the Biore pore strips are safer and easier to use, plus if used 1x per month, as directed, won't damage your skin (if it's not too sensitive). I would also recommend the revlon blackhead remover in addition if you want to clear pores.
However, if you did buy this product and can't return it - read the rest of this review below.
This device rather cleverly is designed to stimulate lymphatic flow in the face and neck and other regions of the body. This idea is not new -- the chinese have been using "cupping" for thousands of years to reduce muscle pain, spasm, and stimulate lymph flow, and remove toxins.

Okay, so the suction isn't as powerful as traditional cupping as the size of the cup is tiny. However, it does produce the same result, which is toxins come up to the surface, and it looks black and blue, like bruising.

I actually took a bath, and followed the directions, which said, to practice using this device, practice on your upper arm. Okay, knowing what I know, I did that and traced the merdians on the arm. I also worked on some inflammation on my right thumb.

Post bath: thumb swelling gone, and lymphatic system triggered. The device sucks up your skin and you drag the device along the surface, thus stimulating the lymph system. It is tiny yet powerful.
I think the device was mis labeled. I wouldn't use it on the face, however, breast tissue, neck, and arm use is ideal. I wonder how it would work on a swollen ankle?

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