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Inglesina Espresso Rose Standard Single Seat Stroller

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Great Everyday City Stroller

Mar 7, 2005 (Updated Mar 8, 2005)
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Pros:Easy one-hand-fold, sturdy, reasonably lightweight and attractive

Cons:Wheels rattle slightly on non-smooth surfaces; small hood with hard-to-attach rain shield, backrest needs improvement

The Bottom Line: An ideal stroller for NYC. You can roam the rugged streets, maneuver through tight aisles, and fold it up with one hand then hop on the subway/bus with ease.

What I was looking for:

I was looking for a stroller for my 7-month old to use everyday in New York City. In other words, I needed a stroller that is:
- Sturdy with good suspension for everyday use on rugged sidewalks and streets,
- Compact enough to maneuver in the tight aisles of Manhattan stores,
- Easy to fold and reasonably lightweight to take on the subway or bus while carrying my DD (darling daughter),
- Capable of steering with one hand (i.e. a bar, not two handles),
- Safe (i.e. bumper bar and five-point harness), and
- Made from a reputable company because I hope to use this stroller for at least a few years.

I'm happy to report that the Inglesina Espresso meets all of the above requirements (so far). And, during the last five weeks that I've owned the stroller, I've been very happy with it. And, so are my husband and nanny.

Other strollers considered:
There actually weren't too many that fit the above criteria. The other contender was the Zooper Waltz. After going to the store twice, having DD sit in both, and thoroughly inspecting them, I decided to pay an extra $50 or so and purchase the Inglesina Espresso. While the Zooper felt sturdier, I couldn't fold the stroller without using two hands. Moreover, I couldn't tell if the Zooper's wheels had suspension and whether the Zooper's seat could be removed to wash. After consulting with my other City friends, I decided that these features were worth the extra in price and bought the Inglesina.

Description of product on company website:
- Waterproof, adjustable, removable hood with view window
- PVC Raincover included to store into the backrest pocket
- Coordinated luxury footmuff with reinforced footrest
- Multi Adjustable height with ergonomic soft padded handle
- Single hand folding mechanism operated from the handle
- Single hand opening mechanism
- Compact and freestanding when folded
- Multiposition backrest with storage pocket
- Bumper bar with automatic release system
- Ergonomic soft flip on armrest
- Adjustable 5 points safety harness
- 4 front wheels with automatic lock swivel and sprung suspension, size 6.52 inches
- 2 back wheels with suspension, size 6.52 inches
- Linked brake on back wheels
- Removable front suspension
- Large reinforced shopping basket
- Aluminium frame with D 0.95 inches anodized tubes, corrosion resistant
- Removable and hand washable at 85 F seat covers
- The sitting with the rigid bottom in transparent plastic material

Technical Features:
- Model city lightweight stroller
- Backrest multiposition reclining
- Folding One Touch Folding System
- Dimensions handle height: 31.62 - 33.99 - 36.36 - 39.92 - 41.50 inches width 18.97 inches, lentgh 33.60 inches
- Folded dimensions 29.74 - 18.97 - 13.44 inches (height x width x depth with hood)
- Brake linked back brake
- Gross Weight: 16.45 lbs with hood and meshbasket
- Net Weight: 14.68 lbs
- Frame Material: aluminium
- Hood with removable spokes
- Window in Kristal on the hood
- Ergo handles
- 4 position adjustable backrest
- 5 point safety hardness
- 4 big swivel wheels
- Foot pedal for opening
- Mesh basket
- Swift Weight: 13.91 lbs
- Handles Height (open): 42.69 inches
- Width (open): 18.53 inches
- Depth (open): 29.64 inches
- Sizes when closed: 11.46 x 41.50 inches (width x depth)

(Note: The above information was copied from Inglesina's website on March 7, 2005. There was a note stating that the website would be updated sometime this month.)

Why I still love the stroller after a month of "road-testing"
It's what I hoped for plus it's attractive. People on the street seem to like the looks of it and have even commented to me about it.

It is indeed very easy to fold and open. I am able to carry DD in one arm and her diaper bag with the strap over my head and across my chest while I fold then carry the stroller up and down the subway stairs.

It is very easy to maneuver on the streets of NYC and in the narrow aisles of its stores. The handles are comfortable for me, my husband, and my nanny with heights ranging from 5'1" to 5'10".

What needs improvement
My number one problem with this stroller is that the wheels make a slight rattling sound on non-smooth surfaces. I've gotten used to the sound and barely hear it now unless I listen for it, but in the beginning it was annoying.

Second, the hood is too small to block out any sun. Plus, the fabric part of it fits a little too snugly on to its spokes. While it should snap on to both sides of the stroller, I've found it easier to just leave one side unsnapped, otherwise, it's nearly impossible to the rain shield on to it.

Finally, while the manufacturer says that the backrest has various positions, to me, the seat neither supports DD's back when she sits in an upright position nor goes back far enough for naps. Since she isn't a newborn, she doesn't need to be flat on her back. Still, it would be nice if she could lie at a 150-degree angle.

I know many Americans are obsessed with cup holders. This is not a big issue for me, but if you or your child can't live without one, note that this stroller doesn't have any. It doesn't have a snack tray either.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 204 (w/tax)
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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