Concrobium Mold Control: Why Take a Chance on Dying!

Nov 16, 2008
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Pros:No strong odors. Works well enough.

Cons:It's not a cleaner.
Must dry completely to work well.

The Bottom Line:

This mold control product does deliver. It's not a cleaner but a preventative that I can recommend.

Did you know that mold can be the cause of  depression, irritability, anger, fear, coughing, wheezing, runny eyes and nose, muscular aches, chills, fever, headaches, confusion, inability to concentrate, tiredness, fatigue, sleep disorders, hay fever allergy type symptoms, loss of appetite, skin rashes, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma. That's from the

Hey, I'm not really trying to put fear in any person but mold simply ain't a good thing. Neither is bad English but the latter is not deadly.

In our home we don't have a serious problem with mold but we do use concrobium mold control. It may not be a common name but it certainly does do a good job of preventing mold growth.

Concrobium Mold Control
This product is available by the gallon for those who need to use a good amount of this product around the house or business. It's made to protect places that are prone to mold such as basements, bathrooms, closets and around windows. The packaging also notes that it's used for hard surfaces such as wallboard, plaster, wood, metal, masonary, concrete and tile.
This is a preventative and not the perfect cleaner of mold. There are better. This however is excellent at keeping mild from growing by controlling the environment it best grows in. It encapsulates the areas where mold tends to grow. That encapsulation does not let existing mold grow and prevents new growth. It also gets rid of any musty odors associated with mold.

To do the actual "encapsulating" we like to use the 32 ounce size that has a handy spray bottle that can be regulated for "stream or spray" use. These are refillable using the gallon bottle reviewed here.

The gallon is simply too large a container to use for home use as is and it doesn't have a spray nozzle as part of it.

Safer To Use Than Ammonia and Bleach

As much as some may like them for their clean and also antiseptic smell this product doesn't have any ammonia or bleach so there's no dealing with those chemicals and odors. My wife  happens to use bleach from time to time to help wipe down and help control mold. Doing so does clean it but using bleach in an enclosed area isn't a good thing to do. I do happen to like the odor of ammonia but again, in enclosed areas, it's best not to rely on them.  This product like the two here does need to be "Kept out of reach of children." This product, unlike the ammonia and bleach will keep mold from recurring

It may also be good to know that the packaging notes that this product is also free of VOCs, (Volatile Organic Compounds). Hey I don't know what those things are but the name doesn't fit anything I want at my dinner table or shower for that matter.

To use the product one should clean the area of most mold then spray this liquid on the surfaces. This will get rid of surface dirt and mold. The spray is administered and then allowed to dry. This is not a product to spray on and then wipe and scrub with. It needs to dry in order to seal the area where mold needs to be controlled.

pops final thoughts

I Like Concrobium Mold Control because it's easy to use, has no over-powerful odors, and is effective at controlling mold. We use it primarily in our downstairs shower. For some reason that is the biggest problem area for us.


Let it be told
if I could mine mold
as we can do gold,
then I'd be rich.


there's something sold
that's forever bold
and cleans our household,
without a glitch

Use Concrobium Mold Control

Though the problem area does need to be cleaned and dried well before spraying on this product, this does cut down on new mold building up and in time eliminated present mold. Our shower looks better and better as the months go by using this product.

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