Ivory Original Bar Soap

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Classic Ivory Original Bar Soap ---- Pure and simple bath soap that causes no fuss

Feb 13, 2006
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Pros:easy to use, not too strong, it floats, does the job

Cons:quite a plain soap

The Bottom Line: The Ivory Classic Soap is a product that everyone who uses soap will be able to easily use and enjoy.

There are many, many soaps and scrubs out there that have lots of bells and whistles, including smelling like everything under the sun. You can find soap that smells like peaches, vanilla, or just about any other flavor that you can think of. With so many choices out there, it is good that there are also some basic soaps still out on the market. For me in particular, I don't really need to smell like a rose, and hand soap doesn't need to make me smell like I was just eating fruit. So, for someone who isn't looking for a heavily scented type of soap there is a product like The Classic Ivory Original Bar Soap. There is a time and place where you want to smell like your soap, but there are also many other times where you just want to smell clean, and be able to go on your day without people wondering if you were picking flowers that morning.

Ivory does offer two other choices with the lavender and aloe types of soap, but it is the original classic formula that I am a fan of. Ivory advertises that their soaps are 99.44% pure, and that leads to a lot less chemicals being used during their manufacturing process. This keeps the soap as pure and clean as they can get it, and in turn the user ends up with a product that they can put a lot of trust into. The bars are sold in packages of 3, 4, 12, and 24 as I have seen them, and are quite easy to find in nearly any store that sells soap. Primarily, it is easy to find the Ivory soaps in your local grocery store. The Classic bar is a white block with the word "Ivory" written across the front of it. These bars are sold as 4.5 ounce bars, but they also have 3.1 ounce personal size bars available for people looking to travel with their soaps. These are usually available in the travel-size beauty section of the store, and are usually only around 99 cents each.

The Ivory Soap is quite easy to use, and as with any other soap, after taking it out of the package, it is easy to lather up using warm water. Of course cold water will work as well, but I tend to only use warm or hot water when I am using the soap. The lathering can either be done between your hands, or in a wash cloth, and that decision is up to each individual user. The soap comes off quite clean, and when you are using it, you can see what some of the main benefits of the Classic Ivory Bar Soap really are. It works well, and it "suds" up quite easily, but for me, the one thing that you will probably notice right away, is that there is not a strong scent being given off by the bar. There is a really mild scent, and though it does smell clean and seems like it is doing its job, there is no over-powering odor that you are going to get from these bars. Being devoid of lotions in the soap, you also just get a basic clean feeling from using it, no matter which of your parts you apply the soap to.

The package says that the formula is intended to cleanse your skin by removing dirt and oils which can clog your pores. I think it does quite a good job at that, and with its advertisement of being 99.44% pure, you know that you are using a good product here. Ivory has been around for a very long time, and I can even remember my mom using it when I was younger. This is a really great soap for people, because it doesn't use a ton of chemicals to do its job, and it does it without needing to resort to great scents and other such things to make it a top seller. When you have used it, you are left with a nice clean feeling, and there is only a faint scent that will be left on your body. Really, The Classic Ivory Original Bar Soap is one of those products that is so easy to use and gives such great results, that you come away happy that you spent the money to purchase it. For a great soap that doesn't take a lot of hassle to use, I highly recommend the Classic Ivory.


Under $2.00 for 3-bar package.

Ingredients of Ivory Bar Soap:

Sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, water, sodium chloride, sodium silicate, magnesium sulfate, and fragrance.

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