Jabra BT125 Black Ear-Hook Headsets Reviews

Jabra BT125 Black Ear-Hook Headsets

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Mar 27, 2008
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Pros:Crystal clear sound, quick to charge and easy to use.

Cons:Annoying ring tone, no caller id tones and flashing blue light.

The Bottom Line: I can handle the flashing light and the ring tone as a compromise for not having to hold the phone to my ear and getting crystal clear sound every time.

This is my first foray into wireless headsets and my experience with this one has been marvellous. I surfed my local electronics stores for options and found for my budget most of the options were a little more expensive than I wanted to spend. I am disabled and sometimes holding a phone to my ear is uncomfortable and I was thinking a Bluetooth headset would make it easier for me. Just when I was about to give up the quest, I found this one on e-Bay and the price was so low I had to give it a try. The Jabra name was one I was familiar with as it is the same brand of headset that my brother has been using for years so I figured for the price (less than $20 including shipping) it was worth a gamble. I love the toy! It is crystal clear no one knows it’s a headset and my hands are free to do dishes, drive etc and I don’t have to hold my phone to talk.
It is quick to charge taking only an hour or so. While it is charging its blue light glows and once charged it turns off. For me it lasts for me a long time, and it has only been charged once in the last month and a half. While it has been used casually, I am surprised it has only required one charge so far.
While it is in use – the blue light flashes and I will be honest while it is great to know it is on – the flashing can surprise you when it reflects on shiny surfaces and you forget you are wearing it. I also am not keen on the rest of the world knowing it’s there by its flashing. I am not one for having a “flashy” style and would prefer that no one else is aware I have it on.
It is easy to use once you have figured out which ear you prefer to hook it on and how to hook it. It is flexible so you can chose left or right. Once it is on, the unit will ring in your ear to let you know you have a call. When it rings, you tap the button on the unit and the call connects. I am not a fan of the ring tone that it has but it does the job. My other peeve with the ring tone is that it does not work with caller id tones and all incoming calls sound the same. To “see” the caller you have to look at the phone. Since I don’t vet my calls it’s not a big problem, but if caller id is important to you then this might be a problem. If you haven’t got the set on and a call comes in you can always put it on and when the phone realises it is on and ready and it will allow the headset to take over the call.
Since I don’t have a hectic phone life, I have not tried to have the phone call for me but this set is, when connected to the right type of phone, is capable of voice command calling.

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