Great Car CD player and Weather Band.

May 9, 2001 (Updated Jan 5, 2007)
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Pros:easy to install and the sound is great


The Bottom Line: would get this for anyone who loves to hear music in a car.

My son turned 16 a few weeks ago, and his father decided to buy him a new CD player for his car that my husband and me bought for his birthday.

He tells me that this new CD player is awesome and really cool. He really loves it and is glad his father bought it for him. He says the sound is outstanding and loud. I was inside driving with him and I had to turn it down cause it was hurting my ears. I have to say this is one great CD player.

The features

. 10-track programmable memory, let’s you program up to 10 tracks from the loaded disc into memory for playback.

. Audible Search- lets you rapidly play a CD in either direction to locate a desired section of a track.

. Track Intro Scan- Lets you listen to the first 10 seconds of the track to see if you want to listen to that song or not.

. Shuffle Play- Lets you randomly select and play tracks from the loaded CD.

. Repeat Play- Automatically repeats the current track.

. Track Skip- Lets you advance forward or back to the next track.

Am/FM Stereo with Weather Band

I really like this feature cause my son can check out the weather when he is driving and allow him to know what type of conditions are ahead of him.

. Built in weather band with 7 preset stations- lets you receive up to date weather reports from the National Weather Service.

. Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) Quartz Synthesizer Tuning- provides the highest accuracy.

. 30 memory Preset Stations with Preset Scan- Lets you quickly store and tune up to 30 of your favorite stations (18FM/12Am), which you can access by pressing the corresponding memory button or using the preset scan function

. Last Station Memory- Automatically tunes into the last station you were one when the band is selected.

. Automatic Travel Programming- Lets you automatically store the first 6 strong stations in each band into a separate travel memory so you can quickly find local stations while traveling.

. Automatic Seek and Manual Tuning- Lets you “tune in” radio stations two ways, either by manual tuning or with automatic seek.


Built in 4 Channel High Power Amplifier capable of producing 4x22 watts RMS output power

Electronic Bass, Treble, Fader and Balance Controls

Loudness Control

Audio Mute Function

Auxiliary input

Preset Equalizer

Fader control.

This CD player is also anti theft. You can take the face of your CD player out of the car and store it in a little box and keep it with you. This is great for when you are in a big city and you park your car and its not attended too. As for the installation of the CD player into your car, my husband said it was very simple to install. He just followed the directions that are included with the CD player.

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