Jack Daniel's Single Barrel (750ml)

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Jack Daniels Single Barrel - One Barrel Doesn't Make it Great

Nov 14, 2006 (Updated Apr 25, 2009)
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Pros:Each bottle will be different and unique - unless you buy 240 bottles!

Cons:Not worth the $$

The Bottom Line: Single Barrel Jack Daniel's is a good idea of providing a better whiskey. But the whiskey comes from a favorite barrel; it isn't aged more or from a unique process.

Single Barrel Jack Daniels simply is Tennessee whiskey from one barrel only. There are only approximately 240 bottles of whiskey in each barrel so you will get a different taste from a different barrel each time – unless you buy your own barrel for ~$8400 to $9600 and consume only that.

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What is Single Barrel Jack Daniels - Each time a barrel of whiskey comes to age, which in Jack Daniels' case is at least 4 years, the Master Distiller, Jimmy Bedford, pulls out select barrels for this product. The single barrel “barrels” are supposed to have more of a mature oak sense to them and mellower than the barrels that go into normal, watered down, Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels started the Single Barrel Program in 2001. Less than half of 1 percent of all Jack Daniel's whiskey earns the distinction of being Single Barrel Whiskey. You can purchase your own barrel of whiskey from Jack Daniels by filling out a request form to be contacted by the distillery. Some larger companies that purchase multiple barrels a year get samples sent to them to choose from. Or you can simply drive to the distillery and sample them yourself. You can usually get your hand bottled bottles – not the barrel – in around 6 weeks.

MY EXPERIENCE - I’ve actually only purchased one full bottle of Single Barrel from the Hy-Vee Hand Selected Barrel batch. My several other “samples” were from over a 1/2 dozen other bottles that I shared with others or at bars.

THE POUR - The Single Barrel Jack Daniels pours an amber, gold color. The color comes from the charred oak barrels. The charring of the barrels caramelizes the oak’s natural sugars and gives the whiskey a darker color. There have been some pours of Single Barrel that have been an almost Amber color. This is a beautiful whisky to hold to the light.

THE NOSE - Single Barrel definitely has more oak and alcohol sense to it than regular Jack Daniels. At 45% ABV, Single Barrel already has close to 9% more alcohol than the regular, so-called, Original Recipe. Along with the oak, there are hints of vanilla and honey. With water, the nose brings out a lot more sweetness.

THE TASTE - Neat, the Single Barrel surprised me at first because of its alcohol strength. Behind the initial burn there was oak, maple sweetness, and grass. With a little water, the Single Barrel got sweeter with more oak, honey, and vanilla – much like the nose.

THE AFTERTASTE - There was a sourness that followed the first taste. Many might think this is why they call it Sour Mash, however, the sour mash simply relates to saving a little of the mash during fermentation and using it on the next batch to help maintain consistency. The sourness in the aftertaste is slightly bitter with a fruitlike acidity. The warmth of this whiskey remains with you moderately.

CONCLUSION - When this bottle goes on sale, you are still looking at paying over $32 per bottle. Some places sell this whiskey for closer to $40. All this for a 4-year aged, hand selected 90-proof Tennessee Whiskey?

I actually prefer Gentleman Jack over this product and it is more reasonably priced. I would also rather go with a Kentucky Bourbon like Knob Creek or Jim Beam Black before I’d buy another bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniels.

Knob Creek
Jim Beam Black

Best Cheap Stuff Out There: Ezra Brooks

I also don’t drink too much Jack Daniels because of the false advertising and the bogus alteration of this 100+ year old recipe. Shame on the corporate stiffs that water this stuff down to get more profit.

I give this product 3.75 STARS because the taste and work does not justify the price of this product.

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