Jack Links 88262 Beef Stick ( ) (Jack Link's) Reviews

Jack Links 88262 Beef Stick ( ) (Jack Link's)

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Jack Link's Beef Stick: It's Big. It's Beefy. It's A Mouthful.

Jun 7, 2011
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Pros:Bigger than a Slim Jim but the same price, not as spicy.

Cons:Super Size isn’t listed at the website, greasy fingers.

The Bottom Line: Not as spicy as a Slim Jim but truly a better value.

I am a proud carnivore. Someone once fixed me up on a blind date with a vegetarian and it was pretty interesting to see him squirm when I ordered a steak; even if I knew at the time he was a vegetarian I would have still ordered it but I would have asked for it extra rare. Jack Link's is one of the more popular brands of meat snacks and jerky. They have cute commercials and slogans and the overpriced definitely-not-worth-the-price Matador line but all that is moot to me. You can buy the most expensive jerky or meat snack on the market and if it doesn't appeal to you then it's a wasted purchase. I always passed on the Beef Sticks because I though that they would be super spicy; when I finally tried one I was really surprised by the taste but they are a little on the greasy side. If you like Slim Jims but get heartburn from them or find them a little too spicy, put these beef sticks on your shopping list and give them a try.

The sleeves are not the easiest to open and part of that is because of the hang hole on the top. If that wasn't there then the two pieces wouldn't split and you would be able to peel the two pieces of material apart. That isn't the case and by time you get to the middle of the stick you are yanking on it and eventually you will give in to frustration and get a knife or scissors to free the second half of the stick. Pushing on it from the bottom doesn't work either because of the vacuum seal. If these weren't cheaper than getting the smaller ones I would get those because they are easier to open. Whatever the case, my local Family Dollar has these for a dollar and while they are not as spicy as a Slim Jim, you are getting more for your money.

I've seen these at Wal-Mart but never paid attention to the price on them or whether they are the one ounce or 1.5 ounce sleeves. Since they are a dollar at Family Dollar chances are that's where I will get them but they do sell out fast – like within a day fast. They do have other flavors to pick from but I am not into the really hot pieces of meat so I skip those. Dragon breath is bad enough, I don't need the flames too. Overall these are a nice switch up from Slim Jims and as mentioned, a better value. There's a meaty aftertaste from it, nothing strong or heat-like but the taste of it does stick with you for a while. These are a little greasy and trust me, you don't want to wipe this on your clothes because it will stain.

One thing I hate about most Jack Link's meat products is the lack of information on them. That means I have to look on the box [and even some of them don't have the information listed] or go to the website. The Super Size Beef Stick is 1.5 ounces so its one of those huge pieces of meat, over a half ounce more than a Slim Jim that sells for the same price. When I went to the site they only had the listing for the regular 1 ounce stick and they say that's two servings. I'll do the math for you – each stick contains 160 calories, 14.5 grams of fat, 680 milligrams of sodium, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates and 9 grams of protein. Unlike some of their meat snacks, this contains no chicken so you are getting all-beef. If you are looking to up your protein intake this is a good pick but you are going to watch the amount of sodium; I don't get thirsty after eating one of them but as mentioned, the taste will stick with you for a while after you eat it so spare your significant other from experiencing death breath and pop a mint or two before you lay a kiss on them.

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