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Janome Hello Kitty Mechanical Sewing Machine

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NOTE: There are 2 versions of Hello Kitty Janomes - both are reviewed here

Dec 19, 2007
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Pros:Sews a perfect stitch and runs smooth and quietly

Cons:Limited stitch selection. But the stitches it does sew are perfect!

The Bottom Line: The $99 Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine is an excellent sewing machine, the $50 Hello Kitty is too loud, and doesn't even have a light!

I don't know why Epinions put both Janome Hello Kitty sewing machines in one review, they are two totally different machines, and comparing them is like night and day.

First, the half-size BLUE Hello Kitty that you can find for $50 - It sews, but so loudly that the ladies in my quilt group complained. No light to see by, either! But it IS lightweight, only 5 lbs! Gave it away and instead bought the...

Janome Hello Kitty GREEN sewing machine, 3/4 size, which you can buy for $99. I LOVE this machine! The ladies at quilt group do too! It weighs in at 11 lbs, and sews a perfect stitch, due to the oscillating bobbin. Most sewing machines with rotary (drop in) bobbins don't have an easily accessible bobbin tension screw, which means your fabric is usually slightly puckered. Fiddling with only the upper tension helps very little. This frustrates me to no end for sewing long curtains, clothing side seams, etc. Wrong tension causes them to hang with puckers, making them look awful. With the Hello Kitty 3/4 size Janome, there is a screw on the bobbin case which allows you to adjust for every thread diameter perfectly. Always a perfect stitch, if you take the time to adjust this screw.

To adjust the bobbin for a perfect tension, load the bobbin into the bobbin case and thread it through the guide. Holding only the thread between two or three fingers, let the bobbin case dangle below. This will be slightly difficult, because the bobbin will want to fall out of the case. Don't worry, just don't move it around too much and it will stay in long enough for this test. If the metal bobbin case slowly drops lower, unwinding thread as it goes, the thread is too loose. Tighten the screw on the side of the bobbin case a little (about a quarter turn.)

If the bobbin case seems to be dangling firmly, give the thread a gentle tug, lifting up fairly quickly. If it doesn't release a couple of inches of thread, it's too tight, loosen the screw. You know the tension is perfect when a quick, light tug of the thread releases a couple of inches of thread.

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