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Nov 22, 2011
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Pros:The guitar stays in tune.

Cons:The guitar may be too big for some children.

The Bottom Line: The guitar is good for a entry level guitar. The price is good and  affordable.

The Jasmine is a acoustic guitar that comes witha hard shell case. The guitar can be used with electric or just the way it is. The price is what is important on this guitar. Takamine has been making guitars for years. Takamine makes entry level guitars to very expensive guitars.

I understand why people buy the Jasmine as it is a very inexpensive guitar. I have seen several entry level guitars that are of much poorer quality. I really do appreciate that the guitar comes with a very sturdy case.  Every person needs to put their guitar in a sturdy case and that comes with this instrument. I have seen a lot of broken guitars using the bag cases that do not really give any protection at all.  That is one of the reasons I felt this would be a good entry level guitar to see if you really wants to play the guitar. If your child finds out he or she does not want to play you can always sell the guitar, where as it will not happen if the guitar gets broke. I believe most guitars that come with the case are also easier to sell.


The Jasmine Guitar By Takamine, is a cutaway acoustic guitar or it can be played electric. The cutaway makes it more convenient for the student to reach the notes after the 12th fret. This is very practical for a new student. The guitar is a standard size dreadnought guitar. The guitar has a pin bridge with a standard pick guard. The guitar has position markers, these help the beginning guitarists find the right positions faster.

The fingerboard is rosewood and it offers the student a very easy fingerboard. The action on the guitar is low, this is good for the beginner.The back and sides of the guitar are lacewood.

The guitar is fairly light so I know it is not a solid acoustic guitar. I would guess around twelve or thirteen pounds.  The word Jasmine is written on the head stock.
The guitar has separate tuning keys. The keys are inexpensive but fully functional.

The guitar produces a very nice tone. I like the sound of the bass, it is full and deep. The treble is not as responsive as more expensive guitars, but it is still a good starting guitar.


The case is a soft plush man made black fur and the case was especially made for the Jasmine guitar. The case has the word Jasmine on the case. The case is very well made. The case has a storage compartment for storing tuners picks capo and etc. The case is very well built which makes this excellent for a kid.  I do not think the parents of the children really know how hard a kid can be on a guitar.


The price of the guitar is about $225.00, and it can be ordered on line at musicians friend.com.  They also offer free shipping. This price includes the guitar case.


I would recommend the Jasmine Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar, it is a good starting package. Thank you for reading my review.

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